September 24th, 2011

Serious Face Frisket

Artist Beware: Aurasoul

As a note, in the end I am getting the item she made.

However the entire ordeal of two and half / three years of stress regarding this commission really has pushed me to write this, especially since she's looking to expand her client base.

I absolutely hate writing negative reviews about people, but I honestly am under the impression if you're operating as a business (taking money for goods/services), you need to also provide good follow-through, reputation, and customer service.

WHEN she did reply, I will give that she was always very polite in dealing with me.

I had planned on writing this for a very long time, and then debated it when it appeared I may be getting my item. I lucked out in getting my item. I'm not sure why, but I am grateful for that.

Artist: Aurasoul (active) (she got herself banned)

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My Issues

My fiance ordered a plush in Fall of 2008 for a Christmas gift for the sum of $90.
Basically we were strung along, yelled at, ignored for months. When concerns of whether or not she had the time to complete or would like to refund us partial (minus the parts already used), we were ignored.

Basically every note was ignored for months at a time which lead us to be very concerned about whether or not this was going to be completed or not. The screenshots below also include a few conversations with Ratchet, her boyfriend/husband. Since he had been helpful in getting a refund with another person on AB, it seemed like a good idea to contact him if he was more likely to respond.

As a note, Ty and I have no problems being patient. As we told both Aurasoul and Ratchet countless times, but we do request communication every half a year or so. (We rarely got that).

Again. We got our item in the long run, but I would strongly encourage people who want to commission this particular artist to never pay full up front -- and be aware that communication issues will be a very big factor.

My complaints will be under the cut. This is a very long dated issue

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TL;DR Version

I finally am getting my product and it looks good from what I can see in the photos. My contact is bringing it to me when we meet up at a US con.

While Aurasoul has been very polite in her responses to me, her responses in general are like pulling teeth. She is not timely or professional in this manner.

I do not recommend anyone paying full price for anything up front.

Ordeal has taken place over the course of Fall of 2008 to Summer of 2011 to get sorted.

I'm probably missing things. I tried to keep this as short, but as thorough, as possible. (Yes I could have written more believe it or not!)