September 14th, 2011


Advice for an ALMOST problem customer? - RESOLVED

So I have a semi-repeat customer that I've never had a GIANT problem with, but always a small one. It's never about payment or promptness of service/payment, but it's just attitude.

Whenever I finish something for this person, they give me a sort of disappointed response. But, since I don't allow changes of previous steps once they've been approved on my work and they hardly give me anything CONCRETE (It's just always a "Oh, that looks good I suppose"), I can't work on it any more than I do. They also had the same issue with a FREE GIFT picture I did when they won a raffle, and even put something passive aggressive in their upload submission on FA.

I've started asking my other artist pals about this person, and many of them have similar stories, and some of them include said customer bitching to friends about their art, their prices and whatnot, so I can assume they've done the same about me.

Since there's never been a real altercation, I don't know what to do about the person. I would like to keep working with them, but at the same time, it's really bothering me that they aren't satisfied with my work, but still purchase it.

Does anyone have any advice? :/

EDIT: We exchanged a few more emails after this and I'm unsure if the person will be coming back for my services, but I've decided if they do, I will talk to them beforehand about their attitude. If they get defensive, I'll let them know I'm not up for taking their business. If they seem apologetic, they can have another shot.

I do my best to be a clear, friendly and easy to work with artist, and I hate the idea of having to say no to someone, but I've stressed so much with their work in the past I really don't think it's worth the 10-30$ they throw me occasionally.

EDIT 2: The customer (Xaxoqual) has come here and outed themselves along with an apology. They also sent me a long email with a thoughtful second apology and we'll be working together to make them a character sheet so they can avoid this in the future.

This situation has also inspired me to make a few tutorials including "Character Creation: How to be unique without being obnoxious" (Which Xaxoqual is not, but it ended up coming up XD) and "How to Commission an Artist: Getting what you want without the headache"

I know these have been done by people before, but the more info out there the better! c: