September 13th, 2011

I really could use some help.

I commissioned someone over a month ago. Granted it was a little bit of a complex commission, but she seemed fast and reliable. It’s a acrylic painting of one of my characters. So I can understand the bit of wait. It’s just…I’m getting frustrated at this person (no going to state any names). I was SECOND on her commission list and the first one was already done by the time of me commissioning her. And after 3 weeks of waiting I dropped her a nice note just asking how it was coming along. She replayed saying “I was going to start on that really soon btw!” I’ve done some more waiting. And still I have gotten nothing. And I know she is active because she some how managed to make two masks, like rubber prosthetic masks, at lest 3 molds for soap and several bars of soap all in one month. She had announced she was going to start making soap the same time I had commissioned her, so they’re not old projects.

So I sent here another not asking for another update and she reply’s with “I’ll submit it Monday maybe.” But yesterday I checked FA many times, no art was posted from her.

The main reason why I am so frustrated is because she is submitting oodles of personal work and is giving little to no communication. And I am not sure what I should do. Should I wait a week? Should I just demand my 40$ back now? Or am I just to impationt?

And if you think I SHOULD refund my money how should I word it with out sounding like a jerk? This so far is my only "failed" commission thus far, and I just dunno what to do.

ToS Advice, if you please.

I've just finished my first draft of my Terms of Service, and if anyone wouldn't mind giving it a look-see and some advice, I'll be eternally grateful. It was much more difficult than I had anticipated, but I think I managed to cover everything. It was probably tougher as I do offer a variety of commissions, including Illustration, Taxidermy, Sculpture, Plushies and Costuming(Fursuits) and I tried to keep the phrasing generic enough to apply to all areas and specific enough to keep my loose ends tied up.