September 8th, 2011

Peppicatred / Felineattraction / Spike

Hello, everyone. I tried searching the tags to see if this person has already been reported here, and I can't seem to find a post on them. But, if another one has already been made I will be happy to append this post as a comment on it, and have this one removed.

This post is about a person who goes by many names, her current ones are: - DEACTIVATED
skitzmix (her known name on furcadia)

In the past she has gone as Spike or some variant of it with numbers, I know she was banned from FA and then permabanned from FA for trying to dodge her ban.

The most recent trace she has done is of my own artwork:

Original can be seen in the following places as well as my FA icon. these images also appear in my DA, zodiacspothole:

And here is an image layover of the two:

She has blocked me on two or three of my DA accounts for calling her out on tracing in the past. her and I have also had a conversation in Furcadia about her tracing, some time back.

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She has several other incidents of tracing in the past, and she is especially known by many for tracing/stalking Rynies, Pez, and many of their friends. Heres some screen shots I still have of past incidents, I'll find more of them if I can.

This image was traced from a drawing by Rynies, and we reported it. Either herself or DA chose to remove it, we aren't sure, and then she uploaded it again in a different color.

Here is a layover:

Again, I'm sorry if there is already a post on this person, I tried to find one and I couldn't. Please tell me if there has already been one made.
EDIT MARCH 19th 2012: Since this post, I have had NO contact with this person what so ever - up util around the time when she came posting comments on this journal. I did not reply to her in any of them, but she chose to come into one of my streaming sessions and bring things up - I kicked her and she came back repeatedly with the subject. Finally, she left but returned under a fake name - first pretending to be curious about a situation this pretend person 'knew nothing about' - then defending peppi in a matter of minutes having suddenly become fully informed on the subject. I have a bit of log from the incident, but I don't see any reason to post it, but I can if it is necessary.

I know that as usual, she has claimed that she is no longer tracing people, but as I have said in comments I will not believe this til I see it in action for a long, long time. What I am about to share with you is not exactly a case of direct tracing, but I am sure you will see the kind of similarities that I do.

By her :  
( Will replace with a screen shot, if she deletes this post )

( View the screenshot here: )

My Character :

As you can see, the quality of her drawing is not traced. But if you cannot see the similarities between the two, I am sorry but I would have to say you are either blind, or extremely optimistic. Given her past for tracing and copying others, I think it is a safe bet to say that yes, she is copying (or at least trying to imitate ) my art/style/character design/whatever you want to call it. Do I care? No, not in particular, if she wants to continue to be passive aggressive and unoriginal, then so be it. But, I thought I would update this post for everyone here, lest you be tricked into believing she is truly changed - she has not. 
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Mascot design and illustration for Peter Bierhuizen, Tenno Media

I hate writing these things, but I hate people using artists are doormats even more and even though this guy is local to me, he has internet so no-one's safe.

It all started with a retweeted message that someone was looking for an artist in the area to design a mascot for a site and create 12 illustrations of said mascot for said site. The tweet came from the guy's intern but she's not the problem here so I won't mention her by name; I want to keep her out of this entirely, I've accidentally interned for people with how do I put this politely diminished moral judgment. I don't blame her, I only hope she doesn't pick up on his sordid (and I use the following word in the most liberal sense) business practices.

But I digress, the company in question is called Tenno Media, Peter Bierhuizen is the person this post is about. He appears to be the owner and sole employee, save for the aforementioned unfortunate intern who has since left. The site the designs would be used for is

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So uh, in short; don't work for this guy. He only likes your designs until the first bill shows up, then things quickly deteriorate into ignorance, lies and cussing.

In a related note, if anyone wants to buy a frog adoptable, I have some available here :D

Edit: Thanks for the input guys!
Yeah there might have been a miscommunication, the "customer" was vague and told me to draw another 10 sketches "kinda like X". Had he gone "Oh that's not what I meant, I meant Y." the miscommunication could have been dealt with in a civil and mature manner. It wouldn't have been a problem. Unfortunately he immediately broke the contract by pulling out without paying, not to mention the condescending attitude and crass language.
I managed to stay civil even after he said he wasn't going to pay for my time, so I don't understand his outbursts at all. In years of doing commissions, he is only the second unhappy customer I've ever had, and it's due to his own lack of patience, understanding and basic manners.

I'll probably stay away from similar contracts for the time being, because they cost more time and aggravation than they're worth (especially when you're not being paid) and if I do take a design contract, I'll make them pay part up front like with normal commissions.

Lesson learned, I'm moving on to my paying customers ;P

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WHO: Alex Dachshund @ Furaffinity


WHAT: It was agreed as a digital peice, A rave picture for a picture of one of my chars. It was so long ago I cant even remember what I wanted. :\

WHEN: About 7 months ago, here is my half:  (NOTE: For pictures like these, I charge about 20$+)


EXPLAIN:  .7 months ago, we agreed to a trade. And I finished mine, as seen above. He said He'd finish his. I kept reminding him after a month later, so I waited again... he was busy. So I was like "ok~ :3" And 7 months pass. he opens many journals stating "trades open" (I only found this one) So I reminded him again. he quickly shied out.

I dont know what to do here... X__X any help?

he offered to finish it after he finished some commsions, but he keeps taking commisions and getting backed up again.
And now because of incidents like this, I CANT do trades with strangers.

Dropped trade from alexdachshund



WHAT: Sketch trade

WHEN: not too long before this was posted, i finished it pretty fast.  he deleted all of his journals.

PROOF: both of which prove that he agreed to it.

EXPLAIN: He opened for sketch trades and  agreed to do one with me. not long afterward i finished my piece and he approved. since then i only reminded him once since he seemed to be busy. very recently (screenshot posted above) he opened for trades and i reminded him about it and he replied saying that he will not do it because he cancelled old trades? I know it's "just" an art trade, but time is money and we had an agreement. I demanded that he either finish it or pay me back, but he does not have enough money to do so? I charge only $6 for two character sketches.

he has sent me this note in reply after deleting all his journals.

"I can do your trade I guess :/ But it will have to be after I finish all my commissions I owe. I am really sorry. I forgot about it until you reminded me and I no longer have the notes or journals of what you wanted done.

Here is my current list:"

but i dont know when he would ever finish it or IF he would ever finish it. It's been quite some time now and he's changing his story now so i am a bit confused as to what's going on.

Edit: he ended up completing it after giving me quite a bit of trouble. I dont see what the problem was, especially if he couldve had it done so fast.