September 7th, 2011

Being Ignored.

This isn't a Beware as much as it is calling attention to blatant ignoring of a paying customer. Papaya's an amazing artist, don't get me wrong, and a really nice person. I'd just like this situation resolved, after six months of waiting, four months lacking of any communication whatsoever outside of short conversations at conventions, and recently, outright disregarding any messages at all.

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You guys have probably seen her around.
I'd hate to give the wrong impression here. Again, all I'm hoping to do with this is bring attention to the situation, get some input, and get it resolved easily.

Back in February, Papaya posted an FWA thread for badge commissions, and I jumped onboard right away (I'm Toraie).
After the conversation there, I sent a PM through FA detailing the character, commission, etc., which was replied to promptly.
I wasn't able to pay until the week after, and I let her know. After she claims here to have sketches, I go ahead and pay right away.

FWA comes and goes, and I don't get a chance to talk to her, but having to deal with college and many other things, I don't get in touch again until right before ESG (bottom email), where I only hear from her that she's left all commissions back at home, and that she'd try to find them before too long. At this point, having waited a good three months since I paid, I barely want it anymore. Sometime in June (top email), I remind her through email, because she'd explicitly stated all contact was to be through email and not FA notes. No reply.

And then it's time for Megaplex. I caught her for a few moments there, and Papaya told me it was in her room, and that she'd get it to me before I left. I left without hearing anything from her, though.
A few days after that (per her journal saying she was busy and needed a few days), I send another email (bottom) giving a day that I'd like a reply by. I've already paid, so I really should be able to do this. No reply.

The following week, another one (top email). Nothing. All I'm seeing are journals saying she'll be in touch with commissioners soon.

And finally, I leave a shout on her page asking if she still uses that email for business. It's a fair question, but it got shoved off before it got replied to, and then others' commissions start getting posted.

I can understand slowly working through commissions, but failing to answer simple questions like in my emails is unprofessional.
I'd like to emphasize the absolute lack of communication here - surely, if you've got the time to post a commission, much less be working on it, you have the time to fire off a quick yes/no email.

It's not about the money here, though I would like it back rather than having the commission finished. I'm just leaving a public notice here, because private communication sure isn't getting the job done.

No contact

Not a beware, but definately a question I need answered.

I sold a fursuit head on ebay(It was a ladder auction, the gentleman in question won a tail and handpaws to go with it- but it was stated in the auction that measurements would be needed for both the head and any additional pieces in order to complete the order), and while the buyer was prompt with payment, I only got a single response in late May(Along the lines of, "Sending payment via paypal, will send measurements later"). Now, I have the mailing address attached to his paypal, so I'm thinking I'll just generically size this stuff and mail it off to him? He paid for it, after all.

But on the flip side, he did win an auction that said I'd custom fit the stuff for him. So should I keep holding onto it and hope for a response?

If so, how long would be fair before the statute of limitations on the buy evaporated?

I'd try to find him, but all I have is personal information, email, address- no furry name or livejournal or FA or anything.