August 31st, 2011

No communication/incomplete commission/past 45 days for paypal dispute

WHO: FA user Battenburgcake [nsfw/adult account BloodSugar]


WHAT: 2 full digital pieces

WHEN: Inital note, agreement and paid on April 8th 2011. First commission received May 20th. Second commission still not received, August 31st 2011.

Initial Commission offer:
Artist accepts commission:
Payment proof:
First note send asking about commission status:
Note read by artist:
Other notes recently sent and no response:

I commissioned Batten for two pieces, a one character and a two character, on Apr 8th, 2011, 11:02 AM. The total came out to $25 and I paid it via paypal in full on Apr 8th, 2011, 11:01 PM. I recieved my first commission May 20th and since then I have not gotten my second piece or heard from the artist after sending them notes to both accounts. I don't mind if it takes the artist a while to complete something, because I understand things happen outside of our control sometimes, so long as they let the commissioner know what's going on, or that it's going to take them some time/they will be unavailable etc. However, I haven't received a single note from them or a reply to notes I have sent them. Since it's past 45 days, I can't dispute it via paypal -_- Any advice? :s I know it's just $15 but that could have gone to a more responsible artist :S


WHO: Shiuk Shiuk Salamander


WHAT: Artwork of a pair of charicters.

WHEN: Date of Comission: April 12th - 14th Date of request for refund: August 10th


EXPLAIN: The initil commissioning went smooth, Shiuk was quick-responding, perfessional and all that jazz. I was also polite and patent, for the first two months. Afterwards all I got in responce were variotions of 'Working on it right now' or 'gonna be done soon' or 'artists block'. During that time, he was releasing full color images tens of times more complex than what I requested. All or most of my E-Mails went completely ignored, and the ones that were responded to were mentioned above. The straw that broke my back, was the starting of a large project by him ontop of communications with another commissioner who is currently in the same situation. I also sent my Paypal Address to Shiuk as soon as he responded to my E-mail. I sent several like it with the header 'refund', but got no responce. So I was forced to resort to a header that seemed like a threat. Is there anything I can do to assure I get my funds back? Seeing as PayPal only covers the first 45 days.