August 22nd, 2011

Advice: Paypal Invoices and TOS


Another one of those "advice" posts concerning artists and commissioners.

Looking through the paypal tag I swore I saw the topic of 'invoices' brought up but I must've dreamt it or something. There is one though it didn't highlight anything I was questioning so~

While I was revamping my terms and prices I wanted to ask about paypal invoicing[goes to the paypal site]

For artists:
1. Do you use it?
2. If not is there any reason? [Even "I just never considered it" is ok.]
3. If you do is it convenient or have you had any troubles in the process? [From your side or a commissioner's complaint?]

For commissioners:
1. Have you ever been sent an invoice for commission work?
2. Did you find it easy or difficult/troublesome?
3. If you've never been sent an invoice -would- you mind if an artist used this to get payment? Or do you prefer logging in and sending it yourself?

I'm sure there are other questions or things people can answer that should be considered on the topic, so feel free to say~

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Thanks for reading my gibberish~!

Advice? Tutorials for selling online

So I had a friend who said she liked to read up on any tutorials helping artists sell their art online, through auctions, commissions, etc.  Unfortunately, she didn't have any links on hand.  I definitely consider myself an amatuer bussinessperson, so I am really interested in these types of tutorials.  I would love to make myself more professional when it comes to the business side of art.  I am doing some internet searches, but what I am looking for from you are any links you happen to have tucked away that may help me out.  Some of the best things never show up in a Yahoo search!  It's much appreciated by me, and I'm sure will be by others as well!  Please do share!  Thanks!!