August 21st, 2011

  • zin103

Just Need adivce and opinion

I just need some advice and opinion.

Well, I won't say any name so please doesn’t ask. I never even bother to talk to the artist about this so it would be rude to name him.

OK here my story.

I commission an artist April 2011. I haven't received any note from him since then. After about 4 note, I got a respond. His brother responds saying he was going though depression/rehab/therapy or something like that. His brother offer to do the commission (his bother show me his work on DA and it was just like his brother)  for me but I turn it down because it I didn't think it was fair to put the issue on him. Also I go though series of depression like state so I know how he feels. Since I thought he was in a serious issue or not feeling well; I told him he could keep the money and not do my commission. After all $15 isn't worth it to force some ill feeling artist to go through so much and I am always those poor sucker who care too much about other. (I seriously need to stop being so nice. It is a awful quality for a commissioner)  So I let it go and forgot about the commission.

Now a few week/month later:

I saw he post the same work  I saw in his brother DA saying his friend posted some work on another account as a joke. Now I am confused.  Why would his friend send me a note saying he is his brother? or why would his friend send the note offering to do my commission claiming to be his brother? I know it not his bother because he say his friend upload it. I hope you are following along because it is a very confusing story right now.

Here another version:

The note from his brother turn out to be his friend. He even say it was his friend who upload his art on another account as a joke. So why the hell would he sends me a note offering to do my commission saying you are his brother when you are not? Also why offer to do my commission by showing me the same art as your friend? I now feel everything is a lie.

Thing get worse of course.

Now he uploads another piece of art. If he is in rehab or not feeling well, why can you do personal work and not other?
I was going to let the brother/friend note thing go since he say on the art comment "I am so depress...blah blah" on there. Now I get the feeling he not as ill as his friend say he is.

Now I am in a weird position.

First thing, I am very confused by the note issue. Second, I feel very rip off since it seem he lie to me. I don't care about the money but why give me so much confusions and lies? 

-First, no WIP for 4 month
-no responding 3-4 note
-brother note saying that he sick but it was his friend which lead me to think everything he say was a lie
-uploading personal work when his friend say he was ill

I don't know what to do. It seem like if I note him he will ignore or get mad at me. Also I hate drama and I hate having people hate me or make me feel bad when it not my fault. I have depression issue too so I hate to make myself feel worse.

What should I do? What do you guy think of this weird issue?