August 17th, 2011

Unsure on how to approach an artist..

 On July 19th I approached an artist and asked them for a commission of three chibi coyotes for my mate (a final value of $15, I know that's not much but this is still bothering me.), and they agreed and I paid directly up front for them. A few days later she posted a journal about how she was not going to draw because her boyfriend had gone to boot camp and she was so depressed that she simply could not finish her commissions or has any will to draw. So me being the patient person I am, I waited and waited and waited, and finally her boyfriend comes back (I guess her boyfriend didn't make it up to par for the military) a week ago. Then she starts drawing again, but when she starts posting up all these new pictures I shoot her a note and tell her that I had come into some financial hard times and then I ask her if I could get a refund on my purchase, considering she hasn't even started them yet and I've been patiently waiting for a month and being sympathetic to her feeling depressed that her boyfriend is gone. 

 When I ask her about the refund, she tells me that she no longer has my money, that she only has $2 in her paypal account. I ask her when she will be able to refund me, and she says she doesn't know and "whenever I get more commissions I guess." 

 What is the best approach to getting my money back? I honestly don't want to be waiting for another month to get $15. I paid for the commission up front and did my part, and I was disappointed by her services that even after a month she hadn't started or even sketched anything for me to look at. Do I demand my money back, or let her take her time on getting it back to me? I'm not really sure what to do, but I would really like my money back. :/