August 16th, 2011

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Artist Beware(?): Crystal Fox

In 2010, I asked to do a  trade with a user named crystal-fox, a small scale one at that. She noted me saying she had no problem with this and could do it shortly.

I finish my end in Feruary 2010: (the one with the red background).

Months go buy and she tells me she has a broken hand and can't do art for a bit. I say okay and wait a little longer, but now  she stops replying to my messages. Then in December of 2010 she starts posting a bunch of art, and even is offering free art to others. Annoyed, I send her a PM asking what has happened to my own trade.

I get no response,and since April she has dissapeared completely. So,I come here to ask: has anyone else seen this person anywhere?

I would have posted this sooner but I had forgot about this community for awhile,my apologies.

I find this upsetting as I have never encountered this issue before and she seemed to eventually just flat out ignore me. Did I do something wrong here? :c
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USPS Panic: $300 Tracked, Insured Package MIA


This isn't a beware, this is more of a what to do kind of post.

I shipped out a package to Arizona on Aug 10, priority mail. I also shipped out several other packages at the time, to different locations. I know priority mail isn't guaranteed, but my huge problem is -- my commissioner's parent (I worked along with the minor and the parent on this one, went very smoothly) emailed me to let me know that my tracking numbers were not working and the package didn't arrive (it should have been there by now). I insured the package for $300 against damage or loss, and tracked with delivery confirmation. I looked into the system and triple checked the numbers - both do not exist and are "not in the system" while the other packages that I shipped were either en route or delivered. 

As you might imagine, I am very freaked out right now, and I'm not sure what to do since there is no record of my package in the system at all. There isn't even any record of it being accepted at the post office, while there were for the other packages I sent. I still have all receipts, the stubs from the post office postmarked with date and time, paypal receipts to prove value, pictures of the item, everything I need for the claim.

What do I do? I don't want to wait to file a claim, but should I give it an extra day or two? I'm really, really worried since I have absolutely no idea where my package is right now. It could be sitting in the wet corner of a sorting facility for all I know, it could have been destroyed, it could have been opened and dumped out... heck, it could be on its way to Alaska for all I know.

Plus, I don't want my customer to be upset because her expensive costume is missing. What do I do? 


As suggested I hustled my butt over to the local post office. All the tracking was within their internal system, though the tracking for the confirmation and insurance were not available online. The package is currently at their local post office 0.5 mi from their house waiting to be picked up or rerouted for delivery if they have a change of address on file.

Am i the only one?

Hello ladies and gents,

i'd like to post up something for those who might be experiencing the same thing. i feel like i might be the only one in this ordeal but if there are others that have commissioned this artist and got the same results, please provide any thoughts / help on how i can either get my money back, or the commission in question completed

WHO: Gideon (FA )

WHERE: Midwest Fur Fest : Dealers Den, Chicago, IL

WHAT: traditional sketch commission : 60$ - two character sketch

WHEN: Midwest Fur Fest : Dealers Den , 2010

PROOF: only proof is my word on the situation as there was no exchange of receipts, or contact info other than my room number

EXPLAIN: i commissioned Gideon, a well-known artist among the furry fandom, for a 2 character, traditional sketch commission back in 2010 while i attended Midwest Fur Fest 2010 in the Dealers Den. the exchange was quick and easy, and i provided him with all of the necessary details of the commission of the two characters (One of my own characters, and a friend's character). i gave him "full artistic freedom" in order to free him of the burdens most artists experience when a commission comes onto their plate and is detail-detail-detail.

i had commissioned him Sunday morning, and he said he would most likely have it finished by the end of the night (end of the con that night) and would gladly stop by my room to drop it off. i was up until 2am waiting, no art was delivered.

i sent a series of notes over the span of this year since, both with a follow-up request, and another note on FA with the finer details of the commission that i had requested to remind him of which. I paid up front IN CASH 60$ from the start and i was even willing (after MFF 2010) to provide an additional 5-10$ (depending on cost of shipping) to have the original artwork sent to me via normal mail.

still, no responses were given in regards to my notes.

i  ran into Gideon once again while at Anthrocon 2011 (just recently) and chatted with him to remind him once again of the details of the commission. he seemed shocked at realizing that i was the commissioner from a little over a half a year ago. he said it was done and requested my email address. i wrote it down on a scrap piece of paper along with the details of the sketch, the price, along with my alternate email. he stuffed that piece of paper into his wallet and apologized profusely. i told him i understood as he probably was busy and thanked him for the time.

since Anthrocon, i have not received any emails to either of my accounts, and the note i sent him a week or two ago on FA is still showing as "un-read" on my outbox link.

-- -- --

if anyone has any idea on how i can get a legitimate contact through to Gideon to handle this situation? i would really like the art i paid for but at the same time, if it was merely a ruse to get money then i would like a refund from him. Midwest Fur Fest 2011 is coming up...and i would hate to have to deal with the situation in front of other artists that he might be sitting around. i would handle the situation as i have thus far; in a calm and mature, adult-oriented way, but having been waiting a year for a mere sketch of two very easy and unrestricted characters, i would say that i was jipped by this artist.

if anyone has any tips or recommendations, or any contact refs that i could get a hold of Gideon directly outside of note attempts on FA, it would be greatly appreciated. my friend and i would like to see this commission sometime soon or at least to see me get my money back to put towards an artist that will deliver.

thank you all for your time

Customer is MIA.

I was commissioned back in March to build a partial for someone. Communication was smooth and payment was sent swiftly. It was shaping up to be the best commission I had ever done and for a good friend. Production when without a hitch, I sent WIP photos and finished in my usual quick time. I gave the finished photos and requested the remaining half of payment along with shipping. She told me she did not have the money for a while and I told her I was willing to hold into it for a month or so. This is where problems arise.

Time coasted by and suddenly the person disappeared from the internet, none of my e-mails have been replied to and for a while so I just let the partial sit on my shelf and hope for some kind of communication. About a month back I left a shout on their FA page saying "If anyone has any means of contacting this person, I need to get a hold of them desperately and soon or I will have to alter and sell their partial." I got a note from the commissioner almost right away. She told me she was going to send out payment Via money order that Friday. I had no trouble with this because she paid the deposit with a money order and it was swift and on time. No payment ever arrived and now my note has gone unanswered or even read.

So now I'm not sure what to do, this partial still sits on my shelf, unpaid for. No one to even try and claim it. It has been long abandoned according to my TOS. What I wonder is if I do indeed alter the partial to sell it (which I would hate to do), what do I do if the person ever contacts me back saying "Oh saw you sold my partial (already sent a final warning), do I get my money back?" How do I deal with that? Do they get anything back if they only paid for materials and left their commission for 4 months?
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Advice for Comic Commissions

Newbie here! First post, please let us know if anything is incorrect.

We're very very new at this whole commissioning thing. We've got our TOS almost worked out, and our prices pretty much ready. We haven't posted anything anywhere yet, as we have one question still up in the air.

We like doing comics, and have done them for Big Bangs in our fandoms. We'd like to have that available for commission purposes as well, but have no idea how to price it.

Per page?
As a set?

It would differ from black and white to grayscale to color but we honestly have no idea where to start.

Say, for example, someone commissions a five page comic. Should we charge per page the same rate as five individual pieces or should we discount it like someone buying multiple pieces in bulk?

If a commissioner doesn't have a set page limit or idea of how long it would be, should we charge for hashing out thumbnails of the story?

An example of both black and white and color comics (link leads to a DeanCas Big Bang fill from last year):

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Beware(?) Neemiester

 I'm not sure if I want to call this a beware. I feel bad putting her here because the transaction started out really awesome, but it declined from there.

WHO: Neemeister

WHERE: Deviantart

WHAT: $85 two character commission.

WHEN: Beginning of May/June 2010 until now.

The exchange. She asked me about some details about the story and my characters, so my replies are omitted for personal reasons.

Collapse )Collapse )

I paid for a commission in June 2010 of two of my characters. In the beginning, the transaction went smoothly, but she required payment upfront. This was fine with me, I've done it before with good results. Since she was going through a tough situation I made the mistake of sending the full 85 USD to her account instead of half/half, which she said would be alright. Everything was fine, I was really excited about this commission. 

Almost three months go by and I don't get any progress. I understand that she had other commissions before mine so I wasn't really worried at this point. I sent her a message inquiring the status. Since she wasn't on dA very often. the exchange spanned from Aug 30th to Oct 1st. I omitted some unnecessary stuff, hope that's ok.

Collapse )

The changes requested was for one of the characters who I redesigned.

She went silent for a while, and closed her commissions in December. I was going to ask her about the commission again, but saw her reply to someone else's inquiry on her commission journal saying she intended to get to them. Reassured, I forgot about the commission. Until April/May of this year. I was a bit frustrated at this point. She stopped uploading to her dA gallery. It wasn't the time that got to me, it was the lack of communication. I sent a reply on her dA journal.

And it was hidden.

By now I'm getting bad vibes. I can understand hiding the comment but she didn't even reply. Irritated, I sent a note to another of her customers. I took out her screen name for privacy reasons. But it looks like I'm not the only one who hasn't received art from this artist.
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Doing a search on her screen name, I found some accounts on different websites,  one that was last visited in July of this year. So I don't think she's out of internet.

I sent her another note asking for the status of the commission and it sits unread in my inbox. I'm rather upset that I had to come here in the first place because this started off so promising. I don't want to assume the worst, but it appears that she's been recently active on other sites which isn't a good sign. I'm thinking of issuing a chargeback since I paid with a credit card, but I think too much time has allotted since the initial transaction.

I will happily mark this as resolved if she gets in contact with me again, but right now it seems unlikely that I'll ever get the art. =/

Not understanding.. now what?

This is more in need of advice than anything. I have a fellow from a little over 2 years ago. The commission was going rather smoothly then suddenly they disappeared. Almost a whole year past without hearing from him and my notes to him were left unanswered. I tried to contact him several times, asking if everything was alright.... A year and a half passed, coming up on two years, during that time I sent a few notes stating that if no contact was made I was going to have to cancel the commission if non response was given (as stated in my TOS if no contact is made for over a year 2 warnings will be given, each within about 2 weeks of each other then I will terminate the contract, salvage the suit, and open the slot up)

About 3 months after I send the termination note, they contact me back, wanting to send another payment. I confirmed with them that they got the notes. They had and still wanted to know if we could continue. The suit was more than salvaged, most parts used for other costumes.  After discussing with them about the ordeal, I had the impression they understood and I never heard from them again until just a day or so ago they are once again trying to contact me about the commission. What do I do?  I don't want to be rude but I don't want to stray from my TOS either. He's been a nice customer so how can I put it in a way he will understand?

Where Is Akachan? Beware!

 This problem isnt so bad because not much money has been lost from me and i have NO idea why i waited so long to post this but im just curious. does anyone know where Akachan has dissapeared to?

i commissioned one or two of her icons over A YEAR ago and im sure alot of ppl did too.

Icon Journal:

She/He Did post this: but that was also a year ago.

i noted a couple of times with no responce...

i guess my perfect result would be to somehow get in contact and either get the icon. or get my money back. 

does anyone have any info on him/her and how i can find them on any art site ect.??

*puts on Detective hat*