August 15th, 2011

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This is just another "what should I do?" post. I've gotten an email from a company called ArtFlakes. It looks pretty legitimate, but it's always hard to tell for sure.
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A bit of an update now. After some time, I once again got another invitation email from them and it said to reply if we were interested or not. I replied asking for them to take me off they're mailing list/stop emailing me as I already told them I'm not interested. Few weeks later, I get ANOTHER invitation email. At this point, I'd say don't work with them, it's probably not a scam but it's disorganized and starting to turn into spam.

Requesting a refund


It appears I'm in a bit of a bind, and I'm not sure what to do if the artist in question responds negatively to my refund request.

I commissioned an artist only a few days ago for a two character adult image. I paid her promptly, and she said she would not be able to work until next week. All of this was ok for me. I then later learned that at least two of her commissions were partially traced from porn videos, and was shown proof. Needless to say, I am actually very uncomfortable with the thought that my commission could possibly be traced. I sent her a simple note saying:


I'm sorry to have to ask, but may I kindly request a refund?

- Taasla"

This is the part where I need advice. I don't really know what to say should she ask me why I am requesting a refund. I don't want to blatantly accuse her of anything, but the overlays I have been shown is enough to make me not want to finish. She has no ToS as far as I've been able to find.

Edit: I spoke to the artist, was honest with her, and found out she has already spent my money. =\ We've worked out a deal where she will finish my work, and I'll just take it as a lesson learned.
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Please do not commission or trade with Aruku

Aruku is an artist who is well-know by lots of copy/trace behavior in Taiwan.
Because she got caought many times when she copy/trace other people's arts, she left the Taiwan group and being active in DA and FA in these 2 years.
We thought she may change, maybe she got the lesson, but recently, we found many of her arts was copy from other poeple's photos again!

This is an art trade by her:
The pose is just copy from a photo, without credit giving:
And that's what she got:

Another art trade:
The pose is just copy from other people's photo, without permission and credit giving:
And that's what she got:

This is a commission:
The pose, of course, copy from other people's photo, without permission and credit giving:

Another commission:
The pose copy from other people's photo, without permission and credit giving again:

Another commission:
The pose copy from other people's photo, without permission and credit giving:

Those are the proof what we found, we believe there are more....
Some parts even could be called tracing, not just getting reference....

I'm not mean getting reference is wrong, we all can learn a lot by looking reference.

My point is, we all know if we use ref, we should ask the original's permission, or at least give them credits.
But she didn't, she just got some photos from the net and copy the pose.
So easy, then she got beautiful art trades or money.
I think that is kind of cheating, that is very unfair to other artists who works hard at their arts.
And after we point out these things to her, she just added these words in her art comments:
"I have reference photo of wolf in my work. And all threats, accusations and the like are notified so think before you write to me for there is a risk of notification."
Seems she never learns and still think she is right.

Using references without the original's permission or credit giving is kind of break copyright laws.
Besides we should just use refs for practicing, not for making money.
So that's why I'm here, I just want more people to know this thing.
Please do not commission or trade with her.
Thank you!