August 11th, 2011

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Art Trade Issue

This is my first post here so I apologize if it's weird. Any assistance or advice would be great, both for the situation and the post.

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WHAT: Digital Art Trade

WHEN: Trade initiated May 2011, as of yet unresolved (August 2011)


1: Trade brought up here: (Screen shot of Convo: X )
2: Her note to me about what she wants from our trade: X
3: I sent a reply with a reference, and affirmation of what I would like in return (as stated in the reply thread on her submission).
4: I post my half of our trade. Her response is positive, even though I missed a few things. X
5: There was a bit of back and forth as I drew up new and improved references for my character, but the subject remained the same. I kept her up to date for 'when she was going to work on it'.
6: Fast forward to today's exchange. My name disappeared from the owed-art list, so I asked about it.
7: Screen shot of shouts: X


In response to a question about whether or not she took commissions for a certain style of feral art she was doing, I asked if she would be willing to trade since she was unable to take commissions. She was very receptive to the idea (1). She sent me a note with what she wanted (2), and I replied with what I wanted.

During the next several months, I changed the species of what I wanted and sent her notes to update her with new references. Each time she replied positively and said she hadn't started on it yet. (5)

While this was going on, she had my name on her list of 'people she owed art'. Since I was on her to do list I wasn't terribly worried about it. 

Between the time that I had finished my half (4) and now, she has drawn dozens of personal art pieces and commissions. Commissions are important and should come first, so those I'm not terribly worried about. However, in my perspective, if I owe half of an art trade, that takes priority over numerous personal pieces.

I noticed today, after seeing another of her submissions in my messages and going to her page, that my name has vanished from her owed-art list. I ask about it (7) and receive a (rather strange) response. 

At no point prior to her response was I contacted and told that she was not going to follow through with her half. Today is the first I even heard about this, and it was not agreed upon by both parties.

EDIT: She has contacted me asking what I would like to have drawn, but also says it may take a while due to a lot of things going on in her life. Will post updates as they come.
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CandyWolfie Folloup

This is a follow up to:

So far, he has paid back everyone except for me and partially Dipper, I believe.

I haven't seen a single dollar. I told him he needs to pay me the original $230 plus the double charges, so $460 total. I offered for him to pay it off half at a time.

So far, he has done nothing but make excuses towards me about how he doesn't have the money to pay me back, and won't for awhile. I have given him a deadline of the end of September to pay me back.

I was told be several people to post a followup since I have yet to see a single dollar for all the work I did for him. I'm tired of waiting and I'm at my wits ends with this.

Edit: I got $200 out of the $460 he owes me. Onta's gotten all his money back.
AB Modhat

How to handle being posted to AB

You've Been Posted to Artists Beware... Now What?

Artists Beware can be a powerful place. With thousands of members and readers, that is a lot of people who will see your name. It is completely understandable the stress, frustration, anger, worry, and anxiety having a beware posted about yourself may bring.

However, many times it is not the actual post on its own that will ruin a reputation. Instead, it is how the artist or commissioner reacts to it. This post is here to help you figure out what to do if you end up here, and want to smooth over your newly ruffled reputation.

  • First thing's first... DON'T PANIC. Walk away and calm down before coming back to respond. Bewarees are always welcome to share their side, but they must follow our rules like everyone else.

  • When defending yourself against factually untrue claims, do what you can to show proof as politely and calmly as possible. Share (appropriately censored, see our FAQ)screenshots to prove your claims.

  • People want resolutions, not excuses. Ultimately, accepting currency for a product or vice versa is a business transaction, and your personal problems have no place in it. These are now obligations, and this applies to art trades as well.

  • Be respectful and polite. Members will pay close attention to how you respond. A positive response accepting responsibility will earn you the same. In turn, a negative reaction will result in a negative response.

  • Do not ask/demand/blackmail/hint for the OP to delete the post. If things are resolved, we have a 'resolved' tag specifically for that, and the OP can update their post to reflect the resolution. Pressuring the OP to get the post deleted will end in permabans for both yourself and the OP if they do so, and the post will be reposted, making it clear what has occurred.

  • Do not send people to harass the OP for you. This is one of the quickest ways to sour your own reputation, as people will notice an influx of people they'd not seen previously posting and judge you accordingly.

  • Ultimately, your goal should be fixing the problem and earning that Resolved tag.
    This is also what we want from the community, and we love it when we get to mark a post as resolved!

  • Understand that AB isn't a drama group, but a resource for artists and commissioners. The members of AB work with the information they're given at the time, and they will be honest, even if it's not something you want to hear. If you've made a mistake and are genuinely apologetic and work to resolve the issue, the members will remember and respect that.
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    Lost Contact: Queen of Saiyans

    I didn't even think of asking about this on here until now. Anyway, commissioned me for a Persian plush. It took me about 1.5 months to get to her commission since I had taken on a bit too many (I've finished all outstanding transactions by now) and they decided to take payment plans for their plush. I've tried noting them and emailing them (or the paypal email I had), but neither leads to anything. I know they haven't been on DA for a month now. I only have 30 dollars from them and they still owe me like 100 dollars. I ceased work on their plush until I can contact them (it just needs the head details).

    So does anyone know anything about where I can contact this person? It did take me awhile to get to their plush due to my back log, so I'm not sure what happened in that time :c I haven't heard anything from them at all. Any help is greatly appreciated! I don't know if they're anywhere else on the net, either.

    If I can't get hold of them, would it be too drastic to finish their plush and sell it off, then refund them their 30.00? For the record, I've been trying to get hold of them for about a month-ish or so now, but apart from their DA, I have NOTHING to go on :c Thanks for your time!
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    "Thanks for the commissioin, are we BFF now?"

    General question to ask you folks.

    What do you do when someone commissions you and either during the commission process or after it's complete, they assume that you are now friends? I have had several commissioners turn into friends, but in all of these situations this happened naturally. I'm talking about the people who try to force friendship on you either in the form of constantly writing you emails, attempting to IM you despite you specifically saying you don't chat, or contacting your other friends/significant other completely out of the blue for no other reason you can think of other than they want to try to get closer to you. They might even mention later that they commission artists "to make friends", and you are caught off guard and may not feel the same.

    I know several artists have had this happen to them as well, which is why I'm asking what you would do in this situation? It's not threatening, you are just not interested. Just because money changed hands does not mean a friendship has occurred. How do you go about letting this person know that this is not the case. Do you even bother? Do you put something in your TOS expressing this? Do you ignore them completely? Any advice is appreciated.