July 30th, 2011

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Question Regarding Shipping

For my pin-back buttons I normally charge $1.22 for domestic and $2-$3 for international shipping when a customer orders 1-20 buttons. Buttons I can do.

HOWEVER, I am now planning to sell items on my website ranging from buttons to clothing to posters, items whose size and weight vary greatly. I've tried to set shipping via weight and item type, but so far nothing I've done has been satisfactory (not to mention that the clothing will include pants, t-shirts, and shoes, so it makes things really, really difficult).

All-in-all, I've decided to set a flat-rate shipping price, but I'm not exactly sure what price would be considered fair to both those in the US and my international customers. Any ideas?

Advice, please?

EDIT: Ok, thank you for all your advice and comments! Will post a beware up ASAP.

Just a little thing: I need some advice.

In my TOS, I state that I only allow commissioners to re-post artwork to their FurAffinity galleries (Basically because I like to know where my work is being posted). I'm happy to make exceptions to this of course, but only if people ask.

A past commissioner of mine (Who was incredibly rude throughout the entire commission process; and that should have been warning enough...) has been banned on FA for art theft/ban evasion. They had access to my e-mail address, yet they have re-posted my piece on InkBunny and SoFurry without my permission. I kindly asked them to remove the images on both websites as I hadn't given them permission to post them there.

They deleted the submission, but reuploaded it. Here's something they wrote:
"I have permission to upload the art. the artist did not give any limits on WHERE.

since I did my end of the TOS. and he kept his. this is my fursona, and I paid good money for it. if he's not letting me upload this on MY pages...I'd want a fuckin` refund."

(I can post a screenshot editing out their username/userpic if it's needed!)

Basically my question is does their behaviour warrant a beware? Should I just ignore it and leave them be? I really don't want to deal with them/can't be bothered with them, because they're such a nasty person.

It's not even a huge situation; just wanted to be sure I was handling it correctly, really!

Thanks in advance!

Demand for printing services?

Hello! First-time poster from Canada here, looking for advice. :)

I recently got an incredible offer for a professional grade printer -- almost half off! I would need to sell 200-300 prints at $10 each to make back the cost, but I'd be able to print laptop skins, 17x22" posters, high-quality fine art prints, window decals, and more. Do you think there would be interest in the furry community? And what is the most that people would pay for shipping?

EDIT: Editing to say that I've read everyone's comments so far, and I'm doing some research as I reply. Keep the feedback coming! :D

EDIT2: It looks like I need to wait on this. It sounds like the printer might have major technical issues that don't show up for a couple months. Plus, I'd need to sell more like 400-600 prints to cover costs. On top of it all, shipping from Canada is about three times the price of shipping from the States. I can even ship from the US to Canada for less than I can ship from Vancouver to Toronto! :/

Thanks for your help, everyone. I'm glad that I figured this out before I bought the printer. :)

Beware of RainbowJokerHound / Dog-Bone

Edit of an Edit! She sent me.. $10.. when.. I paid her $6. :/ I'm sending $4 back, I don't need extra money, and I refuse to take it.
Edit: She sent me this very lovely note: http://i52.tinypic.com/14tuf7n.jpg
Now this lovely LiveJournal entry: http://pics.livejournal.com/lackoflollies/pic/00003pcw
My first REAL post, bear with me. Yes, I am AuroraBorealia.
RainbowJokerHound / Dog-Bone

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/rainbowjokerhound/

WHAT: 2 $3 icons when she was having some kind of offer, journal is here: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/2120709/
It has been capped in case she deletes or modifies it.

WHEN: It had been a month or two before I noticed trouble. I asked for updates, first she said her desktop computer or laptop was not working and she was unable to do digital art, but she had been submitting digital works while stating that. So, again I asked for updates after I presumed it was fixed, and she got VERY rude with me, stating I had to wait my turn just like everybody else. As of then, she has been continually submitting things digitally, and ignoring me when I asked for updates. NOW she's saying I never paid her.
Edit: She saw my paypal screenshot and apologized for saying that, so that's situated. Everything else, however is still valid.
This journal she says she owes me two icons, and my unanswered comment about updates.

PROOF: http://i54.tinypic.com/r0v3o1.png Paypal transaction proving I sent the money for this.
http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/2120709/ Journal

EXPLAIN: I commissioned her in February because I had wanted some new icons, and noticed she was open. So I sent off my details via PM, and sent her the $6. I wanted for a month noticed she had completed every one else before me. I aske dher how my icons were coming once, and she said she was anable to do digital work because her computer was broken and she lost the files, I said alright and went on my merry way, I figured things would look up. A month or so later, maybe more, I notice she started submitting again, and when I asked for an update I got a nasty PM stating I needed to wait my turn just like every one else. Once I find the screenshot of this I will add it into the post.

It is now July, and i've flat out asked for my money back. However, she is now stating I never paid her, which in the above screenshot, and based on the paypal in her journal, I totally did. This is the first time i've ever had issues with an artist, so I waited WAY too long to file a dispute, let alone properly save and record messages pertaining to this due to being a victim of FA leaks, I delete my PMs regularly, so i'm desperately searching for proof i DID get to add to this post.

So, this is just a little beware to avoid this artist.