July 28th, 2011

Well? Are you?

Need some advice...

So I got a PM on the Terraria forums, about doing monster designs for someone's indie game company. Here is a screenshot of the entire conversation.

Screenie doesn't include him saying that they'll have a GDD written up in a few days.

And here is a quick link to the website they sent me.

It sounds intriguing, and I've always wanted to do designs for a video game. It just worries me that I'm not going to be seeing any money whatsoever up front. I don't mind getting paid a percentage of the profits (though, to be honest, 5% doesn't really sound like much :X), but I'd like at least something up front as a show of good faith. Especially considering all of the illustrations I'll be drawing. Front/sides/back views of (what sounds like) over 30 monster designs? That's a lot of work for what seems like a gamble.

That and he's only 17 (according to his forum profile).

So yeah, sounds interesting, but kinda iffy. It'd be a pretty cool opportunity, especially if it ended up actually turning into something amazing and selling well.

What do you guys think?