July 21st, 2011


Customer Beware

WHO: Erk Gloom
Also Known as: Erk Gloom/Erk the Crux/Erk the Hyena, Kantir/Kanaconda, Kantir Anaconda, Incaren, Qwhilla, Possat/Possatboi/Zero the Possat, Aneurysm, etc.

EXPLAIN: Okay, this is quite a strange situation I've gotten myself into. I had previously done art for Erk Gloom. Things went well, he paid promptly, but was a little impatient. Nothing too bad, and I liked working with him because I got to be creative with a lot of the works he commissioned. Over time though, he started getting mad when I refused free art. Increasingly he was rude and snarky in conversations as well.

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