July 19th, 2011

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WHO dust-bite/Torrian Dear/EEEEAAGULLLL

WHERE: dust-bite/Torrian Dear, EEEEAAGULLLL on Subeta

WHAT: Waist-up couple piece

WHEN: April 23rd-Present


I commissioned dust-bite on April 23rd. I didn't commission her through deviantart, but through Subeta, where she's known as EEEEAAGULLLL. Here is a link to her artshop and my post where I originally commissioned her.

My friend and I commissioned her at around the same time; she commissioned her for a head-shot, where as I commissioned her for a $30 waist-up couple piece of my two characters. She got the sketches to both of us at around the same time, however she finished my friend's very quickly afterward whereas after I OKed the sketch and paid her... nothing. Here is a screencap of my payment.

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She also has another AB post here.