July 9th, 2011


I was told last time that it was time to make an official beware post, but the artist in question contacted me in the comments, apologized, and said the art would be done at the end of June.  I think it's time, though, since it's been nine months of excuses and being ignored, and I really don't want anyone else taken in for more money than I spent. :T

I commissioned Rabid Sept. 15, 2010 for three digital busts to be finished by Halloween at $15.  After Halloween passed with no sign of them I poked her, and was told since I wasn't first in the queue she didn't get to mine.  I said fine, just finish them whenever.  I waited until Jan. 17 of '11 to ask her again.  She was nice about it, saying I didn't deserve to wait so long, she'd get them done.  By this time the person I'd commissioned this for were no longer together, so I made a change and waited until mid-February, when I decided I'd ask what was up.  She claimed she just forgot to do them, so I asked for a refund.  I made sure to be extremely polite throughout this whole ordeal.  She said she would as soon as she opened commissions again - which she did shortly afterward.  After I threatened a Paypal dispute (I had no idea at this point of the time limit :P) she begged me not to, since she was using her grandma's PP.

This back and forth went on for awhile until she stopped responding altogether.  When I posted here to see if anyone had heard from her (and several had) she responded with more apologies and a promise to do the art - not to refund me as I'd asked and as she'd promised.  Also in the comments section she admitted having traced over a photo for at least one submission.  I have plenty of screencaps once again, if anyone needs proof.

Maybe I was bothering her too much over $15 but it's still stealing. I've been contacted by at least one other person who was wondering if she'd done the art I'd commissioned, which I thought was kind of bad form - but it's relevant that other people are being screwed over too.  At this point I don't expect to see either a refund or the art, and I'm giving up trying to pursue it.  It seems like she'd rather placate people or ignore them rather than fulfill her obligations. :/

Edited: Caps:

Inital deadline: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v40/paris_in_flames/Capture5.png

Offered refund: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v40/paris_in_flames/Capture4.png

Art offered after refund never shows up: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v40/paris_in_flames/Capture3.png

Art promised in June: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v40/paris_in_flames/Capture2.png

Proof of tracing: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v40/paris_in_flames/Capture-2.png