June 13th, 2011


Commissioned Art on Calling Cards?

I want to make a run of calling cards for myself, and showcase some of my artwork on the back. Some of my best work is commissioned work from drawing other people's roleplay characters and fursonas.

I understand that I own the rights to the images (and my customers get a little explanation of that before I work with them, it's right in my TOS) and that it's unlikely that they've registered a trademark for their D&D character or fursona, but would it be in poor taste to use the images on my calling cards to promote myself?

I've sent emails asking my customers for their permission before I order the cards, but are there any legal concerns I should be aware of?

I of course would NOT be selling the cards, just handing them out for free when I want to quickly give my contact information and a little sample of my work to a potential customer/friend/networking connection.

Refunding System?

Hello, everyone.

I decided that commissioning is just not for me and admittedly say that I cannot plan my time well enough to take commissions. Unfortunately, when first opened fursuit commissions, I was sent MANY orders and I felt guilty for turning them all done. Because of this, I have a huge load on my plate that I still need to finish.

I am in the process of refunding several (most) of these clients and I wanted to ask you all a question. Since I do not get paid a lot (I have a dead end job) and don 't get many hours each week (barely part time), I can only send out about $40-50 each pay check. Fortunately, I am getting hours so this will surely increase.

In my system, I go down a list of people to refund in increments. For example, person A gets refunded this week, person B gets refunded the next, Person C the next, then back to person A to start the cycle again. Keep in mind I do get paid biweekly.

Is this a good system? I want to be fair and refund everyone a little at a time rather than make them all wait for one person to get completely paid off until I even start on them.

I have one or two commissioners that don't seem to like this idea. What should I do? If you were in my position, what would you do?

Also, I really, really hate to say this, but to avoid any drama, I'd love to avoid any lectures on how "oh Koisnake, look have you done" or "Koisnake, you are a terrible humanbeing for taking on this much you should be ashamed of yourself". I already know I am a horrible human being for getting over my head with this and not keeping on top of things so I would be grateful if I wasn't reminded, haha. :)

Thank you!
Purple Haze [MIKA]


Hi there!
I don't believe I've ever posted here before, but I've been watching the comm for awhile. The reason I'm posting now is because I need some help, and have seen other artists post for some advice on policies and whatnot.

I recently started selling some of my crafts online on Etsy. I am very new to the game and really have no idea what I am doing. Last night I got an email from another user asking if I accepted custom wholesale items. Now, I'm not quite sure what a custom wholesale item is, which is the first area where you guys come in. I'm thinking it's a bulk order of the same item or something? But I'm really not sure, and I'm afraid if I ask the guy, it'll make me look like the newb I am XD

Also, since I am very new to the selling, I don't have any policies set-up. I really set up my shop just to test out the waters. Reading this community, I am terrified of getting ripped off or worse, becoming a bad commissioner. Does anyone have any advice or perhaps a template on how I should write and word my policy/TOS?

I was quite busy last night (yay graduation!) so I was unable to reply to the possible customer. I would like to get a reply to him as soon as possible, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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