June 11th, 2011


Lost Contact - Wufskeh (Furbuy)

 So, I sold a tail up on Furbuy, payment went through without a hitch, ok fine n dandy.

However I've been trying to confirm their shipping address for the past few days and they haven't emailed since (I had stated I would be out of town a couple days and I would ship it when I got back, but I haven't heard from them since before I went out of town).

They have a shipping address within their paypal, but there's a part I wasn't sure of (if it's just a different kind of apartment number that doesn't use numbers or if the address is even right in the first place, I can't tell). The zipcode I was given to calculate shipping matched with the address, but that's all I got.

In the event they just don't get back to me, I'll go ahead and refund them before relisting, but how long should I wait? I don't want to be sitting on it for too long, but I don't want to refund too soon to where they contact me say...the next day or same day that happens. (Because that's just my wacky way of luck.)

Thanks in advance.

  • shiin

Lost Contact - Reille

Hello everyone, long time reader, first time poster. This isn't a beware yet, just trying to get in touch with someone I commissioned that does not reply to e-mail or FA.

Does anyone know or have any contact info for Reille? (FurAffinity: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/reille) Though it's not a large commission, I did pay for it and there are several others on her list that also commissioned her before she disappeared over 3 months ago. There is no recent posting or favouriting on her account, and I'm a little worried. It's waaaaaaaay too late to consider a Paypal claim, and I'm not too interested in getting my money back anyway - I'd rather have the art or at the very least know the artist didn't intentionally run away with our money.

Thank you in advance to anyone who is able to help out! Any advice on how to further deal with this situation is also greatly appreciated.