June 10th, 2011

  • latiro

Warning: Larka/Heartlesswyvern (UPDATE)

ETA: Larka returned and has internet connection, apologized that the commission is taking too long, and promised me to pay me back and finish the commission free of charge, according to her comment to this entry. Thusly, everything's resolved

WHO: Larka/Heartlesswyvern


WHAT: a full colored, BioShock-themed digital commission with two characters and a complex bg

WHEN: February 2010 and current

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EXPLAIN: I’ve known her and adored her art for a long time, but I’m not too happy about her taking too long on the commission I paid $20 for and not finishing it (though she did finished two other commissions I paid for, which is good).

Usually, I don’t mind having mildly tardy/late commissions and I always remind artists the pics I paid for (heck, I waited, like, nearly two years very patiently for one artist to finish a commission and got an extra pic to make up for the long wait), but having to pay $20 for a commission and waiting for a year without the final product? I’m... quite bewildered

So Larka is quite tardy on the commission updates, implied that she’ll get around working on it (as I politely told her on IMs), and sometimes ignores PMs (regarding commission updates) after reading them (methinks she’s a little tough to contact via PMs). My deepest apologies for not having enough screencaps

On different note to Larka: I deeply apologize for making this AB complaint about you, but I still haven’t received the final version of the commission that you promised you’d get around to. Whether I actually got the final product or not, whether you refund $20 or not, I probably won’t be commissioning you again. Sorry :(

please note that that this was NOT an attack on Larka and her artistic reputation. I honestly didn't mean to do so, and yet she's angry at me for this and mentions that I've disrespected her. What she said about me was a lesson to me to not start drama like this anymore

Starfinder/ astray/ Kannos( edit )

Update: She fixed the name on my badge today. Wohoo its pretty too, now just 2 art peices left till this is resolved.

Original post:---------
Well Starfinder finished one third of my commissions she offered instead of the stuff she owed me. but she got my name wrong and I wrote her about it and she didn't respond until I left a not on her fa saying it was one third done and she was gone again so she sent me this back

7th Jun 2011, 2:20pm
You know, I'm really not pleased that you posted on my old FA, where I can not even defend myself, shit-talking because I finished 'half of your works and then fell off the planet again". Did you try to contact me to see why? No. Well, guess what? I had finals and had to study. That comment was entirely unnecessary and does nothing to help me.

You pretend to care, but honestly I don't think you do. I'll finish up your remaining things over the summer break, but knock it off with the rude comments. Seriously.

So I guess I will never see the rest of it now. I wish now I had just asked for my money back. I actually apologized and tried to sympathize but just got more guilt and now haven't heard from her and can't even use the first badge since the name is wrong urg.