June 4th, 2011


Beware of Mroczniak


I ACTUALLY RECEVIED THE PICTURE!!! It came in the mail this very afternoon! To say I was flabberghasted is an understatment. Almost lost it too, b/c I had given a Nom de Plume and my mother almost put it back as 'return to sender'.

So I guess this is the ending of the 'Tale of the Missing Tiggy'! Ended rather happily after all!

Thanks for all the advice, folks!

I posted about her a long time ago - she was the girl who, after accepting my money, disappeared for a year with my commision. Well, to date, she HAS drawn my piece, but has still not sent it to my house, despite asking for and recieving my mailing address twice.

She's claimed to seen the error of her ways, but many are still asking about their pieces in the comments. Even worse is this disturbing trend: Claiming to want to raise money to cover shipping and assist her family, she offered up ORIGINAL pieces at a low prioce. 6-7 repostings later, the list of originals have not varied. Judging by the comments, it seeems her new scam is to sell and re-sell the same pictures.

I wouldn't trust her farther than I can throw her (and that's not very far! *fail*). I almost forgave her, and believed her when she claimed a turn-around. I guess some leopards can't change their spots at all.

EDIT: Additional info

Here's a link to her journal: http://mroczniak.deviantart.com/journal/41106158/

Here's the link to my original post:

Here's the note from March 10th, to which I replied with my address:

MroczniaK said the following:

Omg, I asked you before, but it seems the message didn't come to you. oO
I'm sorry, my internet sucks and sometimes just "dissapear".
Yeah, plz tell me your adress, I'll try to send it asap. ^^

superpower-pnut said the following:

Y'know, now that I'm thinking of it, do you have an address to send my commission to?

EDIT: I contacted her again last night via note. I asked her why she wouldn't send me my picture. She replied;

"As i said, I have sent them about month ago." (She'd replied the same thing to another grumbler). I don't know the POlish mail system, but it seems to me that considering I gave her my address in MARCH, I should have gotten it by now?