June 1st, 2011

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I need some advice regarding a discount commission slot. I'm going to be going on a trip on June 9th, and I opened up for discount commissions to be completed before the day I leave. The issue is I've had someone whom has not paid. I accepted their commission, and they asked me where to send payment about six days ago. I sent them an email yesterday saying I was going to get to their sketch yesterday, and I did. I delivered it and... nothing.

I currently don't have anything in my TOS that mentions how long someone has to pay me before I drop their slot. I do have a clause that says I can drop a slot for any reason at any time, though. However, due to the circumstances, I need to make up the amount I'm missing before my trip. I will also need about two or three days to comfortably finish a commission of that type before I go.

How long should I wait before I inform them that I need to move on? I made it very clear when I posted this journal that they were for the trip, and that I would have them completed and delivered before June 9th, so I could use the funds. Of course, I could be jumping the gun on them approving the sketch, but I figured they'd send payment after six days by now.

Edit: While I was at work, they sent me payment. Phew. Thank you guys.

Year+ wait on art.

WHO: collab account: tasteanddecency (deviantart)
paradox (furaffinity), skankicide (deviantart)
stage (furaffinity and deviantart, deactivated)

WHERE: http://tasteanddecency.deviantart.com/

WHAT: A remappable Furcadia portrait of my character Thyme. $10/16gd (Furcadia's currency) commission.
Screenshots of order from February, 2010 and on. These conversations run from the bottom up, sorry, just because of how deviantart handles replies in threads. If you need more proof via screenshots of tasteanddecency's actual PMs, I will provide them, rather than just the embedded replies.

WHEN: Commissioned February 12th, 2010; paid on February 18th, 2010. Contacted in September regarding a refund; was told portrait could be completed, and they didn't have the money to refund me. Given an outline of the image December 25th, 2010. Contacted again in April about finishing, was told it was next on the list. Contacted in May, no reply. Contacted alternate account in May, no reply.

PROOF: It was after they started hiding comments on their journal entries (check their dA's only journal entry for my hidden comments, cry) so I have no record of the refund I asked for and was denied. However, the screenshots above are of my order, and here's a shot where they confirm my payment:

EXPLAIN: I commissioned this portrait last February. There seemed to be some trouble completing things after that, and at some point in the summer Stage went away for a while, but I was at least still getting updates. After the summer, communication fell off. I asked for a refund on a journal they posted in September (no record; they keep updating the same journal entry, and hiding old, irrelevant comments), but they said they did not have the money at the time and would complete the portrait.

I received an update in December with the lines:

I approved them, and had no word after that until I contacted them on the tasteanddecency account in April. Here I'm listed as next in the queue (the responses are from back in April, too - I started keeping screenshots then, just in case):

Again, no more contact, which brings us to this point. Contacted May 19 for an update:

A week ago, I tried to contact Paradox on Furaffinity (since tasteanddecency seemed to be dead, and my dealings had always been through Para, not Stage):

At this point, I've been told "we'll get to it!" for over a year. I do hope they get to it, and I have nothing personally against either artist (Para was always very nice and prompt with me otherwise!) but I'd at least like the beware to be known.

Edit 11/30/11: Para has gotten in touch with me and this has since been resolved!