May 12th, 2011

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I am posting this as a user, not a mod.

WHO: Pirate-Cashoo


WHAT: Digital art; to be specific a full color bust of my tentacle monster Lola.

WHEN: Paid $20 for the bust February 10th. In spite of me KNOWING BETTER, paid for it as a gift at the artist's request. No need to remind me why this was dumb. She has since taken in more commissions and seems to have finished ones that were taken after mine. Which she stated in her rules was possible, so that's not an issue.

PROOF: Screencap of the initial purchase and my paypal reciept.
Screencap of the note I sent her over a week ago that was read but not replied to.
Screencap of the shout I left 3 days ago which has also not been responded to, in spite of her uploading, favoriting, and leaving comments to others.

EXPLAIN: Pretty self-explanatory. Saw a new artist, really liked their work and got a commission. It's not the fact it's not done that bothers me at all. It's the fact that both attempts to politely request information were totally ignored. I would've even been fine with a vague reply saying 'Oh it'll take awhile longer, sorry!'. Some acknowledgement. Her rules even state:

4. Please be patient! Sometimes I take longer on some commissions than others, so please don't fret if you see a more recent commission posted before yours. I don't usually do things in the exact order I take them. If I'm taking an unusually long time (3 months+), let me know and kick me in the ass! I never give up on a commission, unless some dire emergency in my life comes up that prevents me from being able to do it for some reason. But that's extremely unlikely to happen. :P

Her work is very lovely, but this lack of communication is frustrating.

ETA: Artist just now shouted with an apology and said the piece will be uploaded tonight. Will mark as resolved when this happens. Feels good to get a response.

ETA 2: Finished piece was sent to me today, and looks great! Marking this as resolved.

Anyone seen Brindle?

This isn't really a beware, but I just want to ask, has anyone seen Brindle?
(her FA has some NSFW art, be warned)

I paid for a commission from her on January 23rd and it just seems like all activity on her account just stopped on the 26th or so. I sent her two notes on FA, one on March 22nd and the other on April 20th. Both are still unopened. I e-mailed her address she gave me for her paypal on March 27th and on April 20th to just check how she is, with no response.

Has anyone seen her at all?

Update 5/15: Thank you everyone that helped. I'm glad to find out she's okay! She e-mailed me to say she didn't know she had outstanding commissions and then tonight uploaded the one for me as well as a few others. ^_^ It's beautiful! So everything's resolved!