May 8th, 2011

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Lost Contact With Kikariz

Last December, 2010 I commissioned a two character image from Kikariz on Deviantart. The commission was to be fully colored, no background and cost me around 45$. I would check back with them every month or two for progress on the work they were doing for me. I never got anything other than "I'm working on the sketch." No problem, I'm very patient!

A few weeks ago, after hearing nothing, I decided to send them another update request since I hadn't seen any work done on my commission and it had been 4 months. I load up their page and notice that their account on DA (the only place I knew to contact them) was deactivated. I did a few quick Google searches trying to figure out if they had any alternate accounts. I couldn't find one.

My question here is, does anyone have info on where this artist might be? This isn't so much a beware as it is asking if anyone knows where this artist may have gone. I would love to contact them about my commission or a refund if they've come upon hard times.

Edit: Upon suggestion I'm going to attempt to contact the artist through the email address given to me when I sent the Paypal payment. Will edit with further details as they come.

EDIT 10/24/11:
Found a 'legit' new account for Kikariz that can be found HERE

I discovered it only after I watched the account. They noted me a few weeks later with this reply:

"Sorry that it took so much time to get back to you about it ;n; I feel really irresponsible to have lost my to-do list. But since I saw you as a recent watcher, I could finally remember your username. So, I still owe you a commission. Could you remind me what you wanted me to draw for you? Or you can also change if you have another idea. I know you have been waiting for a long time, so I will try to finish it as soon as possible."

This is an old beware but I figured I would edit it in case anyone looked here. The note above was dated 09/26/2011. Since then I have seen a small sketch of the commission, nothing full complete yet and personal artwork is still being uploaded to their account every so often. I will post a new beware if this issue isn't resolved by the end of the year. For now at leas progress is being made.

Starfinder update.

ETA 2: She has been banned!

ETA 1: I haven't gotten a response in asking Dragoneer for an update just yet, and I unfortunately will be out of town all weekend, leaving in just an hour or so. I will update this when I get a chance after I return, assuming I've gotten a response.

As Starfinder is a bit of a special case in how many she has scammed and for how long, I will be keeping everyone as closely updated as I can.

Original post is here. Dragoneer has informed me that he is giving her until the 13th, next Friday, to make good progress or she will be banned.

If she owes you art or a refund, please keep us posted.
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Recoloring an Image You Don't Own

Hello, A-B! Question for y'alls!

Someone on a forum I run decided that he wanted to mod and recolor one of those personality core icons that're floating around on FA. Here's an example from the original artist.

The person who commissioned theirs saw someone pretty much directly recolor the icon they commissioned and got mad and told them that what they're doing is wrong (since it was their commissioned he recolored) and the guy is refusing to.
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Regardless if Valve owns the rights to personality cores, he's still stealing an artists rendered work. What kind of argument do I propose to him before taking down his icon?

Much appreciated!