May 4th, 2011

advice: very vocal customer

Ive taken upon a customer who is VERY vocal about the badges i made for him. now, thats a good thing in a way, but he doesnt agree with some things i do. such as the fact that i cut a hole instead of holepunching them (NOW i have something though, just got one). the thing is i left PLENTY of room so that it wouldnt rip and ive had my own for months without ripping and it was done the same way. PLUS hes VERY new to commissioning, i think im the only one hes commissioned so far, so he wouldnt know that MANY badge makers do what i used to do.

so basically he called me to ask me about fixing his badge (which i agreed to do for free) and i heard him talking to someone about my badges. the person he was talking to seemed to be complimenting it very nicely but then the customer complained about the holepunching issue and the other person sounded very disappointed about that 8/ im worried that hes spoken to others about this and is convincing people against commissioning me.

another problem is that he ordered a $1 chibi badge, but never specified that he'd wanted it laminated. and well i never asked. so what do i do? do i laminate him for free or risk him talking to others about how horrible it is that i 'decided' not to laminate it?

im probably just being paranoid, but i get most of my commissions locally and i really dont want to lose potential customers over a simple misunderstanding.

[edit] i guess this can also be considered a beware in a way. the user is tomxwolf but hes new to commissioning so he just doesnt know how to act i guess.

also, what do i say to him if he keeps pestering me for updates? ive told him the same thing over and over and he wont give me a break 8/ im just finishing it now to make him stop, but for future reference what do i say when someones like this?