April 27th, 2011

Update on Avsun Mascots and advice request.

I just recently received an e-mail from Esh Avsun. This is what the e-mail said:

Hey There-
   We received your Toothless foambase- he looks great! However, we just learned from Prefur that we couldn't get in touch with the artist selling the eyes- so we will have to refund your 35.00. However, commissioners are a bit wary to send payments right now due to the delays, so it may be just a little bit longer before we can get that refund to you. Prefur also sent a baggy of little black horns she handmade for Toothless- they are super cute! We have spoken about your commission and would like to offer you a free foambase for your trouble- in which case, we would wait a bit longer until Prefur gets here (she is visiting to help us catch up) and then we'd send Toothless and the additional foam head together. Let us know what you'd like to do. We'll send photos of him to you today! Thank you so much for your patience and understanding and have a great day!!

Avsun Mascots

Now, first of all it was 25.00$ for toony eyes that I had originally paid for, so I'm not sure where the 35.00 came from. Now here is the question that I have. Should I give them another chance or just ask them to send me the head? (Which doesn't really match toothless all that much, but that is alright I suppose.)
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waited for doll updates for nearly two years (UPDATE)

(as much as I felt bad about doing this)

WHO: usako-chan

WHERE: http://usako-chan.deviantart.com/

WHAT: two plush dolls

WHEN: since 2009

PROOF: I paid her for the plush dolls via checks. I’ve waited patiently for her to work on them

almost two years later, I almost forgot that I’m still owed the dolls from her, so I checked on her to-do list and found out my dolls are completed (or are they?)

I pm’d her on DA (but she didn’t checked them)

I reminded her about it on Twitter

I’ve read on the disclaimer on her journal that says don’t send her any DA notes; only send her emails (which makes sense). So I went ahead and emailed her, asking her about my dolls
http://i52.tinypic.com/e8og81.png (my email)

But I got no response so far

EXPLAIN: I absolutely adore how she does plush dolls and I respect her craftsmanship, etc. but it’s been almost two years and I hadn’t received photos of my dolls yet whatsoever. I don’t wanna get screwed over by her ‘cause she’s a great doll maker (though I do understand that she’s busy with life issues and RL). She seems to update stuff on her Twitter, but I felt like she's ignoring me for some reason

I'm not writing this as a beware or to let her down. All I need is some words of advice of what to do

this will be updated as soon as she gets back to me eventually

ETA: according to this journal http://curious-nono.livejournal.com/41931.html my dolls are finished! I'm so happy to see them done and they look fantastic. That said, everything's as good as resolved!

Advice for a refund? Avsun.

See my other Avsun post for more details. artists-beware.livejournal.com/448560.html

At this point, I'm really just wanting a refund from Avsun, as Syber/AzureCoyote is offering to work out something with me, and honestly? I'd rather have a bodysuit from a known maker, and trusted friend who made my partial that the bodysuit will go to!

As of right now, nowhere in Avsun's journals or emails to me does it say that the 30% deposit was non-refundable. (I've screen-shoted this from their journal in case they change it.) Is there something I'm missing? If they have not spent it on materials (which I heavily doubt they have), am I eligible for a refund? I have not asked them about one yet, since they have not replied to my emails at all still, almost 5 months now (even though their most recent email to me was ended with "I promise we will never be out of reach during business hours!" Yes, that's really working, since I've sent 2 emails since. *sarcasm* )

I'm really just wanting a refund right now.

In.. better news I suppose? According to their journal header, they're not accepting more commissions. That's good. They're starting to listen to us.