April 12th, 2011


Advice Please?

I'm looking for some advice here. I'm not sure what to do to help my best friend. She won a partial from furbuy and the maker was going to do handpaws and sleeves to the buyer's size. They're simple, sandwich no pads, no claws. How long is it supposed to take when you have all you need? I'm not really a 'maker' myself, but I did my own sleeves and paws in less than a week...but that was me being lazy because sometimes I find hand sewing boring.

Should it take beyond the limit of recouping money on paypal? It's 46 days now since she paid in full, expecting it to not take too long because of how long it takes me to hand sew stuff for myself. Obviously money for me means I'll not be so lazy and complete it faster. But..yeah.

I suppose it just irks me that this maker has made a headbase and will fur it to sell and make it into a partial and is also offering so many spots for headbases at this moment, but can not finish up something that was already paid for. I really like this maker, each head they do, they get better and better! I just find it offputting. My friend tells me she just gets excuses as to why it's not even started yet. At least cut the parts out?

How long should she wait before asking for a refund and or posting the maker here to warn others to be wary? She does really want the partial though, so I'm leaning more towards ideas on how to motivate the maker into finishing and shipping it out. So anything you can offer to help, please do!
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Looking for Advice?

Hello, first post here! ' A ' ;;; I hope this is allowed--I just would love to fix this if it is still at all possible to do so…

At ALA '10 (yes, more than a year ago @_@) I took a commission from someone for $10 to do a full color drawing of Xanxus from Katekyo Hitman Reborn with his Liger. It was the last day of the convention so he paid me up front and I asked for both his mailing address and e-mail to keep in contact, but only got his mailing address.

Life happened, and I'll spare you all details, but the bottom line is that I never drew it. In September, I think, I did send him a snail mail asking if he still lived there, and told him I hadn't drawn it and offered a full refund, offered to draw it if he still wanted it, or if neither of those made up for my inexcusable tardiness offered to work something else out. I included my mailing address and e-mail and asked him to contact me but he never did, and I didn't see him at ALA '11.

Now, I know not drawing and not contacting were both very terrible of me as an artist to do and I would like to make things right, but I'm wondering if there is even anything I CAN do to rectify this more than a year later? I hate that I caused a bad experience for this customer. Should I try to send him more snail mail? Forget about it? Draw the picture and post it online hoping that one day he sees it? X_X;

Thank you everyone for your help!