April 11th, 2011

sly koze


A few months ago, someone I'm friendly with commissions me for a pair icons for them and their new S O. I was having art block (but made honest attempts. I have the sketches on my PC still!). I quoted them $5 per and they said they didn't even have that much, I let them pay me less (it ended up being $7 or $8). They don't have a paypal, so they get their lover to send it to me.

They break up like a week later and the person who I'm friendly with tells me to forget about it and to consider the money a gift. (which kinda struck me as odd since it wasn't THEIR money to begin with)

I sent my condolences and went about doing my business.

They send me a note now saying "HEEEEEEY REMEMBER THAT MONEY I SENT YOU A WHILE AGO?! Can you do me those icons for me and my new lover."

I said yes, mostly because I didn't wanna deal with the kid. They're kind of annoying when it comes to you owing them art. Like, they do the obnoxious frequent poke thing after it being like 3 days or something into the job.

But I'm kinda boned now since I agreed right? Haha. Just wanted to check in with you guys here.

Edit: I got a hold of the ex, gave them their money back and told the guy that going back on a 'gift' wasn't cool. Hands are clean and conscience is cleared. Thanks all! Plz to be marking as resolved :3