April 8th, 2011

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Hey guys, I hope I'm doing this right, I just need a little bit of assistance.

In early November (2010), I commissioned an artist (not naming names yet) for a simple, two character chibi drawing. I paid upfront and then let the artist do their work, because I'm a generally patient commissioner. Anyway, real life caught up with me and it was only until recently that I started coming back online regularly and realized, hey, she still owes me art... and it's March.

So, I email her. No reply. I wait, then send her another one. Eventually, I get a response back on April 1st from the artist saying that she doesn't check her email very often and was going through some anxiety about finishing commissions. She also apologized, which was nice, and said that the commission would be finished "by this week". It's the 8th, and by now I'm feeling a little discouraged.

My question is: should I keep waiting? Would it be impolite to send her another email? Should I just go ahead and ask for a refund because I've already waited months? She's probably spent my money by now but I guess it never hurts to ask. :/ Any input would be appreciated.

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Edit: After sending her an email explaining that the deadline hadn't been met, she sent me an reply a few hours later with the finished commission and an apology. So it worked out! Thanks for the advice, guys. ♥ I'll keep it in mind if something like this happens in the future.