April 1st, 2011

NSFW commission - Final versions never recieved.

Please be forewarned, this was a commission for adult material. Some links on this post refer to NSFW material.

Who: TwistedCreations on Hentai-foundry.

NSFW link - his hentai-foundry account:
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Communication was mainly over MSN messenger, but I sent several emails attempting to contact him.

Digital Artwork of a Female Orc with two versions of the same image, paid in two transactions of $100 each ($200 total).

January 14th 2011 - I first contacted him to commission the artwork. The price and details were agreed upon.
January 28th 2011 - First rough sketch was received and I paid the first installment.
February 7th 2011 - Second rough sketch was received and I paid the second installment.

The last contact I received was on Febuary 7th 2011. I never received the final versions of the artwork.

NSFW text - Chat log of all conversations:
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NSFW - Last image received:
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