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I have taken kappyjeanne's advice and given him a deadline to get back to me. After that, I'll just continue on and finish the commission with ought approval. Thank you for the advice! 

This is more of an advice post then a beware.

On march 17th, someone commissioned me for a flat colored image. I got paid shortly after and all was good. I sent them the sketch, got that approved. Then I sent off the inks a week ago. Wondering what was up, I went to check their FA page to see if they've been active. Since some people simply forget to check they're email, which is what I use to communicate with commissioners.

Well, I found a journal stating they were moving and might disappear for 7 months time. I have to be honest, I'm pretty ticked that they wouldn't let me know this at all. Now I can't work on the commission (as I only work with approval firs) and I don't really like the idea of keeping it for months. Especially since by that time, my style will surely change, as well as the quality and I'd not feel too good working on it anymore.

Any idea what I should do? Would it be better to refund them, or just wait t'ill they come back? There's also the options of just finishing it with ought approval, but I've always worked with getting approval at each stage, so I don't know if it'd be wrong of me to go against that randomly.

A warning about Jailbird

 Ok, I'm posting this as a warning so no one else has to go through the hell I did with this artist. She goes by Jailbird on FA. Back in December, I commissioned a 2 character adult piece from her, since she's my girl's favorite artist. I didn't expect it by Christmas, but I had assumed it would make a nice Valentine's Day gift. It took me a while to get ahold of her to confirm the commission, which looking back, should have been a red flag. She asked for the payment in full up front, so I sent off a large sum of money to her for this piece. I then noted her, asking approximately how long it would take, just because I was excited and curious.

After about a week and a half, I get a reply from her, stating that it would be done sometime in February. I thank her for replying, and go about my business. Valentine's day comes and goes, and I hear nothing. I let it go, since she said it would be done in that month, but when it gets to be February 26th, I start to wonder. She's been taking and completing iron artist pieces all month, and I haven't heard a word, so I just note her, considering she had said she would send me an approval sketch. She didn't respond, and it took me posting publicly on her page to even get her to read the note.

She finally responded, apologizing for the wait and told me she would start my piece that night, and I would have a sketch by the next day. I thank her, still being extremely polite and kind at this point, and go back to my business to wait for this piece. The next day comes and goes, and I get nothing. I note her AGAIN, asking for an update. I tell her I don't mind if it has to take longer than expected, but to please just let me know. If something comes up, I understand, but I would just like to be informed. She tells me my sketch is complete and she just needs to scan it.

A week later, and I haven't seen anything. I note her again, asking to see the sketch. She responds fairly quickly and I receive the sketch of my piece. She claims she had a lot of fixing to do with it online, but I approve it, because the sketch looks good.

She notes me a few days later, asking what sort of background I want. I tell her whatever looks good for the picture, because I was giving her artistic freedom to begin with. So another week or so goes by, and I hear nothing. She posts a journal, opening for more commissions, so I comment on it asking about my piece. This was the beginning of last week. She tells me my picture will be done Thursday.

As expected, Thursday comes and goes, and I hear nothing. So I note her again, just wondering what happened. She sends me my piece on Sunday, telling me she couldn't do a background on it, and would refund me the extra for a background. So hopefully that happens. But it wasn't the lack of background that bothered me. It was the obvious rush job on the coloring of the piece. Not only is there strange shading and lighting, that makes the whole picture look a bit warped, and the light seems out of place, but she completely forgot all facial markings on both characters. I'm not one to nitpick markings, but when you forget my characters patch on her eye, or my girlfriend's distinctive orange star on her face and her raccoon mask, along with her ear tips? That's something I'll nitpick.

So this is where it stands currently. Here's some screenshots of the notes and comments I sent and received:
Notes inquiring about my piece after it had been due:
Notes about my sketch:
Her telling me my piece would be done last Thursday:

Warning/Watch out: Misty Zabel/AstralMoon/Feverdog/Stellary

Warning: This post contains Tl;DR

[edit] she is now under a new alias, STELLARY

The artist AstralMoon on FA, Link herein: as well as their "abandoned FA" practices very poor commission business. 

I purchased a painted-style commission for me and my boyfriend from her for 25$. 

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I also ask if there are any flaws in my html for them to please be fixed, LJ's coding is extremely backwards. :C

Other places she has demonstrated her attitude and bad business habits: 
(links from you guys who have exp with her, and thanks to those who contributed!!)

Off of FA:
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screenshot of another person waiting 6 months for a refund: