March 22nd, 2011

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Beware of Ticer

So, I just got back from FWA and I have someone that I believe all artists should beware of. Ticer.

Saturday -

So on Saturday I participated in the FWA fursuit parade, and as I was getting myself together again, a fellow came up and asked for a comic commission. Ticer. I don't normally do comic commissions at cons but what he had in mind was a fairly simple comic along the lines of my squish cat comics ( in order to make this TOTALLY clear, he SPECIFICALLY pointed to these comics: ) So... very simplified characters, short stories... you get the idea. Ticer didn't speak English very well but I understood the basics just of what he wanted. His character pets his friend's head, but the hair is too spiky and it hurts him. So he gets scissors and cuts the spikes off his shocked friend's head. Seemed easy enough. I give him the price and he says he will pay half then, and half once the comic is done. I tell him that's fine, but Ticer still only gives me about 1/4th the total price of the comic. I tried to get the full 1/2 price out of him but he didn't seem to understand what I'm asking for so I just dropped the issue as I had other customers in line. I asked for references (which was like pulling teeth from a crocodile) and he asked when I can have it done. I tell him that if I get to work right away, I might have a sketch for him by the end of the day, but chances are I wouldn't. He insists that he needs the comic quickly and I tell him that I will work on it that night and try to get it to him as fast as humanly possible. He comes by several more times before the dealer's den closes, obviously irate that I don't literally crap art and I have the audacity to work on other people's commissions without giving my full attention to his. Because I am a moron, I see none of this as red flags.

That night, I fully intend to get all of my con homework done, but my arting hand has other ideas. Towards the end of sketching out the comic, my hand rewards me with shooting pain whenever I try to even loosely hold a pencil. I put everything up and go to bed, convinced that I'll get up early in the morning to finish everything.

Sunday -

My plan to get up early has failed. x.x;;; I was exhausted, sore, and my hand was still on strike against me. I got to the dealer's den right as it was opening and took a pain pill so I could keep working. I explained to all of the overnight sketchbook commission people that my hand seized up the night before and they were all very understanding. I'm still getting all of their sketchbook work done, so it's not a huge deal. I don't see the comic commissioner, and I'm thankful for that because then I could finish up his comic before he knows I never did it the night before. I end up pretty happy with the results, and a friend of mine insists that I should have charged more. Other folks come around and comment on how cute it is and that the commissioner is just going to love it. More work, more soreness... I take another pain pill right as Ticer returns for his work. I happily had it over and... nothing. He simply stares at it. I try to work on some other things so as to not waste time in the awkward silence and finally he announces that it is all wrong. He thought it would be better. He says he can't even tell what is going on. He thought it would be more... "Anime" (???) I try to be professional and ask him if he wants his down payment back if he is so dissatisfied. He ignores my comment and points out more of what I have done wrong, saying a lot of "what is this?" and how he thought it would be more like "this." and he gestures to some other comic pages I have done. Specifically, he gestures to pages like and Ticer says he wants the comic done "properly." I tell him that if he wants something like the color pages, that it will NOT be done by the con and that he will owe me more. He is silent so I again, offered to give him a refund on the piece, and he simply walked away.

So, of course I was upset. I was sore, angry, and stressed as hell. Someone else mentioned that this "Ticer" has a habit of being very disrespectful and rude to female artists in general... though I don't remember who told me that so I can't testify clearly if he does, in fact, have a history there. I just know what he pulled with me. :/ So... I guess work with this guy at your own risk.

EDIT: removed some of the more personal bits of this post, and here is a link to his gallery on FA:

I'm talking with Ticer right now and we are working it out.

EDIT AGAIN: I have been talking with Ticer and it has all been worked out now.
Jade Wolf New

David Brick

WHO: David Brick or David K.Wong,

WHERE: ACen, or other conventions.

WHAT: Commished at ACen 2010 at his booth.
Large 2 character color digitally with background (barnyard)picture for $100 To be mailed to our address after the convention.

WHEN:  Anime Central Convention. (ACen )May of 2010.

Collapse )

EXPLAIN: My boyfriend and I commisioned David at ACen 2010, a Large 2 character color digitally with background (barnyard)picture for $100. He said it wouldn’t be finished until after the convention and that he would mail it to us. We gave him our character referance sheets, my bussiness card, with name, phone number and e-mail. Which I then wrote my home adress on it. We paid by credit card.(see screenshot)
Couple of months passed by and we had not heard anything. So we decided to give him a call. i talked to him briefly he stated he was still working on it and would contact us when finished.
Another month passed by and we got worried. This time I E-mailed him but got no response (see screenshot)
Couple of weeks pass and I give him another call, I get him on the phone and he statesthat he’d be in Chicago next week and to give him a call so that we could pick it up. Gave him a call when he said he’s be in town but got no answer so we left a Voicemail. All the week I called him everyday but still no answer.
To this day almost a year later and another ACen coming up, we have not recived our artwork, or $100.00 back or any response as to what is going on from the artist, David.

Jade Wolf & Chaz