February 20th, 2011

Crys the Hybrid

In April of 2010 I commissioned Crys the Hybrid for two full color digital commissions for two people who were at the time close to me. I had commissioned her right before the convention of Wild Nights that we both intended to go to and she said that she is busy working up for the con and would like to start the commissions after the con. I agreed to this. I asked how she would like to handle the payment and she said that she wished it upfront. Living with her at the time I was okay with this so I sent her the $60 total for the two commissions on Paypal. 

Proof of Paypal : i53.tinypic.com/2vttu8l.png
Furaffinity Page : www.furaffinity.net/user/taillone/

About a month after the con I was no longer talking with these two people for reasons. And about a month after that I asked Crys for an update on the commission as I'd never seen her working on it myself but I didn't doubt she was working on it as I'd often seen her drawing. However I found that she had not done anything on it. I believe about a month after that we agreed for it to be one two person commission of me and my now fiance. Soon after that I saw a sketch of it and was happy with the results and gave her the all lights are green on it to just finish it.

Since then I've been waiting for the piece to be produced. Messaging her here and there to try and get an update on the situation. While she is always prompt with her replies she still seems to not be getting anywhere with the piece. She has not insulted me on this situation from what I know but she has finished commissions that I know for a fact she took after mine as recently she finished a commission for a couple who I happen to be friends with that I know didn't get together until after my commission. As well as working on a set of dolls that she owns. As well as going to both meetings for her local doll group and local furr meets. She has had easy access to the internet and no computer problems. The only issue I've known off happened in the last few days where she injured her drawing hand. However it been over half a year easy now for the piece in general and no progress past a sketch.Collapse )

Short conversations about the piece.

I received a message from Crys the Hybrid saying she had the flat colors down.