February 19th, 2011

Beware Isabella Price


UPDATE 2/21/11: Some of these photos are a tad blurry, so I'll upload better shots later, but you all can see what I'm talking about for now.


Here in this photo I wanted to show the seam line. Its pretty clear is not balaclava, but some random material (looks like a t shirt) sewn together


Just wanted to show the cut work she did for the eyes. The way the material is cut makes mt think tshirt but also if it were a balaclava, shouldn't it have eyes already?


This is a bad pic. I'll upload another later, but this is one of the cheeks coming off. Just starting too.


Here's the other cheek. Its well on its way to falling off.


Sorry. this picture is kinda bad too. This is the back of the muzzle, where the wear's nose should be. If you can see, notice how it is flat which would prevent breathing.


This ear is coming off a bit.


This ear is almost off completely.


Upon inspection I realize this artist used very little glue on this head and it is coming off the material. In this shot you can
also see the fabric better. Looks like a tshirt

but this is ok, I'm just gonna rip it off the material and make this a foam base instead. So in reality all I really paid for was a bunch of foam pieces cause the foam isn't even staying on the "balaclava" material like its supposed to.

Again, bad service, poor with deadlines, horrid friend attack friend, and now poor craftsmanship.

Don't do business here. You may get more trouble than you wish for.

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