January 30th, 2011

grinny via cypher

Quality postcard print-on-demand services?


This was the first place I could think of for advice on where to get good prints! Basically I am looking to get some postcards or greeting cards made of my photos to sell at cons. I tried a small run with Overnight Prints and while the price is great, the quality is not quite what I was hoping for. It's not terrible I'm just picky. I've tried to show the quality by posting part of the file I submitted and then a scan of the card next to it. Keep in mind this is 300dpi blown up to 72 dpi for the web, and that my scanner may be upping the contrast a little. It's not bad, but I've seen smoother prints!

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So, my question is, where does one get nice postcard prints? I get the feeling this level of quality is fairly standard for most print on demand places hence I'm hesitant to just keep ordering small runs willy-nilly!

Recommendations much appreciated :)