January 23rd, 2011

Paws by DK

Exdra aka MyFurCreations?

Just wondering if anyone has heard from Exdra (FA name) aka MyFurCreations latly? I would like to get a hold of her but it seems shes taking down her FA o.o and hasn't really posted on any of her sites or pages.....
not sure whats going on with her but lets just say iv been screwed over for a long time and im rather bummed out :/ not getting into the whole story yet, i would just really like my stuff finished an sent to me :<

EDIT-She has gotten in contact me through FA notes again....
but i guess my suit isnt a priority at all since it was part of a "trade" an not a commissions..even thought its a trade i understand but still i shouldny have to wait over 2 years for my half when she got her half On time..
:/ i guess my wait continues

DONT EVER DO TRADES WITH NEW BUILDERS!!...i have learned this the hard way