January 22nd, 2011

Advice needed

Edit:  I sent mechasheep a note telling her that if I wasn't shown proof that my suit was being done Id file a chargeback claim with my bank. She responded to my ignored note from last night and said that she would accept a deadline and possibly even have it done a week before then. So I told her that i wanted it a month from today (its very possible to have a suit done in a month or less, Shadowsani had mine done in about 3 weeks with amazing quality) and that I wanted frequent photographic updates. She read it but didnt respond to this last note.

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I was hoping i wouldnt have to post to this but i really need some advice on what to do. In october i commissioned mechasheep for a fullsuit at the price of $600. She seemed eager to keep me updated and said that i needed to send in a DTD and shed start right away. I sent it off with delivery confirmation, but since shes located in canada it didnt update anymore once out of the country. I contacted her in late november asking if she had received it and she never replied, in fact all my attempts to ask her polite questions were repeatedly ignored (they still are) and she is active on FA, because she faves stuff every day and my notes show that they are read.

I got in contact with another person who commissioned a suit from her and they asked for WIP pictures, on it which they never received, on their suit which was allegidly pretty much done. they obviously are kinda at loss because she keeps ignoring them too.

I also noticed that other people who commissioned her for art quite some time ago are also waiting for replies that never come, if you look at her journals and whatnot.

So what should i do? Should i open a paypal dispute or is it too late? Or is there another means to go about this?

Thank you for your help,

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Trouble with a Commissioner

SO since he is threatening to come here and post about me...I think I will bring it here first and try to figure out what I can do about it.

OH and I am Kinked on Furaffinity. I took a commission for a 20 page sketchbook from Athari on Furaffinity. He asked for LionKing charaters. I told him I could do them in my style kinda...but I was not a "disney" replica artist...but I think he liked my low price of only 100 bucks.
Now all of my other sketckbook commissions have been artistic license. Just tell me who and a basic what and I have fun with it.
First thing that happens is he is VERY picky about the actual sketchbook. Makes me tell him size, brand, whatnot. Fine. I got the biggest reasonable sized like he wanted.
Then he tells me ONE pose. Just one. I asked for more (sometimes it's easier to draw with liberty as many know) He refuses and wants to see it first.
Then when I do finally post it... he is unhappy with the style but okay with it. I said I was not a disney copy artist, that my style would come through.
So then i get ....the list! God. Detailed discriptions of each and every pose and exactly what angle, what expression....everything. On every angle.
So now I am expected to do this for only 5 bucks each. Crazy.
So it takes me a long time. I admit that. I was really bogged down with the idea of how narrow it was. I was not looking forward to it...so I was slow. My fault.
So I finally get nearly done and ask for his address.
no...he want's a SCAN of every sketch BEFORE I mail it.
That will take me forever. Not to mention I would have to tear the pages out of the book because I don't have a flat scanner.
I said no...I will just give you a refund.
He said he is in Russia and can't accept money on paypal.
So I gave him the option of tearing up the sketchbook....and he takes it.
I scanned the first 10 pages. This takes me forever....
Why? Because my scanner sucks and I have to clean up each one before posting.
He sees small copies and makes comments again about the style not being quite there.
I email them to him.
He claims he did not get it.
I have no proof of emailing, but I obviously have the file...why would I lie?
Now it's been a few weeks and he wants scans of the rest and those resent in a zip file...which I don't even know how to do.
I just want to be done with this.
I want to send a 1/2 refund and let him out of my life.
He wants me to just get it done today.
I have spent way way more time on this commission than is worth this. Dozens of hours.
and yes...the entire process has been over a year in the making. (or nearly a year)
So I know I am slow. I just wish i had never taken this on.

Should I spend hours more scanning, cleaning, and sending him this. Or force him to accept a refund?

Thanks everyone for your comments. I roughscanned the rest without cleaning up lines or whatnot and emailed.
I am done and case closed. Should have said no from the beginning but since I did not I did what I needed to do.