January 20th, 2011


Pre-ordered CD, never received it

At Anthrocon '10 Cownugget(aka Gunmouth) was advertising a vore CD for purchase. When I got to his booth, I decided to purchase it. He informed me that he didn't actually get the CD ready in time for the convention, but was still taking purchases for them in a "pre-order" type fashion, and the CD would be completed shortly after the convention.

6 Months later, on December 30th, I sent Cownugget a note informing him that I would like an ETA on the CD. I've waited nearly a month since then and still have gotten no reply. I would like to get a copy of that CD still.

Note sent to Cownugget

He definitely read (or at least opened) my note, as it was marked as read when I checked it. I'm concerned about how many people must be waiting on this CD, and how much "pre-order" money he's collected at this point without anything to show for it. I'm wondering how I should proceed in this situation, if he won't reply to my notes?

Thank you for reading!