January 13th, 2011

advice on fursuit commissioning

I feel bad for posting this because the maker gave me such a sweet discount (only $720 instead of $800 and something) but honestly...this is taking too long and really annoying me. this is the first fullsuit ive ever commissioned, a few makers previously turned me down because im so small and they were scared of messing it up. she on the other hand was happy to take on the challenge.
i commissioned her for a suit of my cat whom i love very much <3 that made her even more eager to take the commission on. so we agreed on a deadline, before halloween. i reminded her and asked for WIP shots. she just said what she finished and that she couldnt take a pic of it
later on after halloween she sends a note telling me that she just started and guess what? the DTD and shoes get lost in the mail, though i sent it about two months before though she earlier said it had arrived.
not terribly long after she posts a journal that shes bored, i reply and she gives me her number, and we talk for a while. she starts gushing over my suit saying shes working on it right now etc.
a few days after that she posts a journal saying apparently her dog destroyed the head beyond repair and its gonna take her much longer to finish it.
i keep asking her for wip pics but she never gives them to me x.x

what should i think from this? should i demand a refund or something?

okay, the maker is ludicrousy on FA and DA. http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ludicrousy/ she kinda nuked her journals -.- so i cant show you the one where she claimed the dog destroyed my commission along with her own suit and a few more.
http://www.furaffinity.net/user/furensicsstudios/ is her 'company' account

[edit] I had spoken to her recently and she sent me a WIP pic and im expecting my suit to be completed in less than a month ^^ ill let everyone know when its here and what condition its in etc in a new entry.

An artist needs advice about specials...

Hi! So I've been lurking around on this community for a bit, but never posted before...so here it goes. (I hope I'm doing this right!)

This isn't a beware, but more about seeking advice about a situation.
I might be thinking too much into this or too far ahead, but I wanted some advice before anything got too sticky.

So I've been doing commissions for a while now, and recently I've raised my prices, and I know it wouldn't be too easy to commission me nowadays. So, I've been making sure to offer a lot more specials for people, so they can have a chance to get some art from me.

Right now I'm offering cheap commissions special, but with a catch. The commissioner would only be able to describe very basic details of the character (like, hair color and length, eye color, physique). The whole purpose of this was to give me more artistic freedom and in return the client would be able to get cheap art in a short amount of time.

So far though, people have been requesting more than they should (like tattoos, hairstyle, pants (these are only waist-ups too))...Basically, the more specific they get, the more I lose the freedom to do what I want. (btw, I'm offering them as flat color, waist-up, digital drawings for $10 each)

Now the problem is, well...I dunno how to tell them straight up that I can't do everything they ask. The whole reason for doing this special was to make it easier for me (esp. for the price I'm offering these at). I feel like...if they wanted something more specific, then might as well commission me for the a regular commission, no? Basically, I dunno how to say this without coming off as a douchebag. T-T