January 11th, 2011


More commissioner suggestions..?

I'm grateful for those who responded to my last post and now I am faced with a new cause to post once more... I have a commissioner (who will remain unnamed. They're a nice person but there's some trouble) They came to me about March of 2010 with a simple head commission. They provided plenty of ref pictures and sent me the initial $125 right up front. We proceeded, communication was good. College started and things slowed down a lot. Was still working on theirs and a few others when they had an idea and wanted to change the mask a little. Simple adjustment so I went with it. Things proceeded but no other payments came. I was made aware that they had no job and were running on credit cards for everything. It concerned me a little but I continued work. About May/June area they wanted to add a gas mask to the head. That set me back about 2 weeks to a month or so. They ordered a few supplies such as tubing, connectors and LED's (think rave gas mask) and I worked on the sculpt for the mask.  After about 2 weeks of sculpting I was finally able to gain approval on the sculpt and proceeded to cast. They wanted me to ship the gas mask to them so they could mark where they wanted the LED's to be so I could dremel out holes. They would them proceed to ship the mask back to me for me to do so. Then they would have me ship it back, they install the LED's and other items, and then ship it back to me once more for finishing touches (bear in mind this commissioner is in the UK where I am in the Northwest USA) so shipping all of that back and forth would have been a good bite to the wallet.

Not long after I'm made aware that they are close to bankruptcy and I put the commission on hold so they can get back on their feet. I liked the person and didn't want to see them put themselves in a hole in order to pay me. Yes, I know that's not my choice to make but I figured if they are unable to pay the full price at the time I would hold until they could. During that time I had sent them a pair of video goggles worth about $150.

I am now faced with wondering what I should do. I know this person will not be able to pay for this commission in full for a very long time if ever. Another commissioner made mention that, since I had given them the goggles that were worth equal to what they had paid me, at that time, the transaction was good and I don't need to worry about it any more. I know this person originally came to me to commission me for a mask but what do you do with a person who you know cannot pay? I've looked at both sides and find myself in the middle going in circles.. Help?
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Shipping problem.

I need some advice.

I split-won a contest, meaning I tied with someone. The prize for the contest was a shirt, but since there are two of us, we got a choice between the shirt, and a hand-made picture frame. The other person choose the frame, so I'm getting the shirt.

I just got a message saying that the person sending out the prizes messed up, and I'm going to be getting the frame. They suggested sending a note to the other person and seeing if there's a way that we could mail them to each other. Okay, no problem, so I sent off a message. Here's the reply I got.

"i live in costa rica since 2009 my mail goes to florida then gets forwarded to costa rica i pay customs fee's and shipping fee's via my mail forwarding company, i have shipped out 1 thing from here since moving here in 2009 it was over 30$ us and took almost a month via ems and it was only a small part. we never mailed anything from here again. i also dont have a car and only pick up my mail 2x a week from the mall location my mailer has and the post office is like 20minutes via taxi from my house. what do you want to do? sorry for the complication but i dont live in usa only my address is in usa for getting mail so its cheaper for people to mail to us but $$ for us to get. we dont have addresses here everything is via proximity from landmarks if i still lived in north florida it would be easier but i moved here in 2009."

For something that would only cost me $5 to send out, it seems REALLY unfair for them to spend $30 for me. I'd offer to split the cost, but I am really not happy about the mixup. I didn't mind at first, since it seemed like a quick fix. Not so much so anymore. I have absolutely no need for a picture frame, and she was JUST talking about having trouble finding a frame that fit her decor. It seemed perfect that she got a frame that she liked (we saw pictures) and I'm getting a shirt.

Now I have no idea what to do. I don't know how the mail in Costa Rica works. I would assume that if she went to a normal post office, it would be fine. But she mentions a forwarding company, so now I'm not sure. Help?

EDIT: It's been worked out. The other person is going to keep the shirt, and the sender is going to put a "return to sender" on MY package, then send out a new shirt for me.