January 6th, 2011

Still waiting for a badge

I commisioned FA's Surrenderyerswag/captain-squeak/clowncaronfire Back in July of 2010. I had originaly contacted them via there FA Clowncaronfire. They asked me to PM there commision account Surrenderyerswag so I did.
I commisioned a Derp badge for $15 which can be seen completed here.

On August 30th I made contact asking if my badge had been mailed out. I got this reply.
I said okay I'm sure it'll be mailed out soon then.

I waited and made contact again on October 14th. I got this reply. (my stuff is highlighted by red)

I had replyed back in a nasty manor because I was upset knowing my badge was done and wasn't being sent out. This is the 3rd person i've commisioned and haven't recieved my art from so I was upset.(one ended up being resolved) Family (or ferret) problems hasn't stopped this person from takeing on more commisions so why has it stopped them from sticking a stamp on an envelop and dropping it in the mailbox?

I have not made contact with this person again because I don't want fed more excusses. I just want my art. I paid for a product and I expect to get it. Several other people bought these at the same time I did and i'm curious to know if they got theres or not.

I recieved my badge yesterday in the mail along with a little extra drawing. Looks like the situation has been resolved and then some. Thanks for getting that out so fast.