December 22nd, 2010


Artist's studio name?

Hey all, I'm looking for some advice here, please...

I have an artist production name that I have been using since 2003. I have been paying for a web domain under the production name since 2005.

I just did a Google search my studio name to see what would come up, and I found this Facebook band page that is using the same name as me. There are only 10 people who "like" it, and everything was just made/added on their page from Nov. 30th 2010.

I'm not really sure what to do here. Do I just ignore it because they are producing music and I am producing 2D artwork? Or do I bring it up with them somehow? 

And if so, is there a way I can find who owns the Facebook group, since it's a page where you can't PM them? 

On the same note, I found a youtube account created a year ago that states they are a group of artists, with their DA pages linked, and they call themselves ...the same name that I have for my production name.

I'm a little bit more concerned about that one. I haven't exactly legally copyrighted my studio name yet, but I do have bills dating back to 2005 as to when I bought the domain name of it.

Oh, and I also found a fansub group with the same name as well that popped up in April of this kind of bugs me, because it's not a common name at all that I am using, too :(

Of course at the time when I came up with the name, I did a Google search and there weren't any results for it in 2003.


Okay, so I did a bit more research on the fansub seems their website doesn't have any updates before April of 2010 (as that may just be their style), but I found a forum board for them which dates back to 2005...still, I searched the Internet in and out before taking the domain name of it, and nothing came up I can't help to wonder if they changed their name?

My domain reads like this Their domain reads like this, using the same first part...right now I am not going to tell my studio name, just because I have been having issues with harassment as of late by some people.
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Lost contact: Slaphappybunny/Micromascots

Has anyone seen/heard from her at all?

I did a trade with her in 2008 - a collar and cuffs set from for a unicorn head. I know that two years is pretty slow going but as it was a trade I kind of let it slide for a long while, just asking for the occasional update, which were given, and I was really happy with how it was turning out.

According to the micromascots twitter, the head is completed, so I need to hash out shipping with her, but the email I sent asking for an update was replied to with a blank one and I emailed back saying "hey, that email was blank, did you send it by mistake?" I haven`t had a response yet.

I know it`s not the best time of year but I really would like to get this arranged just so I know when to expect customs to send me a bill! :P
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Beware: Great Art Does Not Mean Good Artist

Hi all. I was advised from another site to post here concerning a semi-recent experience I had commissioning an artist. (I hope I'm doing this right.) 

On both deviantArt and y!gallery, there is an artist of striking skill named Kato0. She is from an Asian country, and comes across as shy and unassuming in conversation. Myself and a friend, seeing her as the new artist on y!gallery, scraped together enough money to commission her while she was accepting sketch commissions earlier this year. As per her own ToS, she requested payment in return for what she said would be a quick sketch. People ahead of us got theirs, and people behind us, but we never received ours.

My friend and I caught her on Livestream to talk about the issue. Her reasoning was that she had trouble understanding our description for what we wanted, and she offered to draw up a sketch of what she had in mind. She did so, working out a clean framework in less than ten minutes. I declined it, as it was nothing like what we requested. I went on to explain the trouble areas (what didn't work and why) and offered to elaborate on whatever else she needed. She said it wasn't necessary, and promised to do another sketch soon. That was the last time we saw her.

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