December 15th, 2010


scammer from etsy

I have one of my sculptures up on etsy for $1000, so I was pretty happy to get this message in my etsy inbox:

Gray Fox Taxidermy Mount on Glowing Plaque, listing #50887635

by jjmaryy2

i saw you listing on etsy and am interested i want to know if you still have this item available for sale?i can only pay through pay pal and after payment has been made i will make the necessary arrangement for the item pick up.please get back to me on my private

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TL;DR: I've never had a scammer come at me through etsy, nor use paypal in their methods. I kind of just wanted to put it out there, and see if anyone has had similar experiences.

Beware - Lunaticsupernova

So I've never posted here, but I think it's high time I do.

Over nine months ago I commissioned a deviant with the name "Lunaticsupernova". She's a great b&w ink artist and I really wanted a piece from her. 25$, cool.

So I send her the 25$ and she messages back that she'll be done soon. In the mean time, I commissioned one of her friends, "Kurokugatte" for a 20$ piece. She was friends with Lunatic, so she asked that we send our money through paypal to Lunatic. I did this. So now, Lunatic has 45$ of my money, right?

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As I thought, she had no reason to get my money to me immediately, therefore, she did. So. As long as I have my money back, I could care less about the art at this point. It would just be icing on the cake. This is not only myself suffering- she has been featured in a new page called Commissioner-Beware on deviantart, and is being BEGGED for money and art reponse and return on her page.

In short? DO NOT COMMISSION this girl.

SORRY TO EDIT THIS, I'M NEW. And this is a LOT of information to pour into a post, I really do apologize if I skip some things. I will edit as needed, if that's alright.