December 12th, 2010

Paid $600 for 2 sketchbooks in 2005, haven't received any work.

In 2005 I commissioned two sketchbooks from Marisa Rinaldo / Silverfoxx420 and have yet to receive a copy of a single sketch. We worked out the details over a week in March 2005 for them to be completed before Fall of that year. For whatever reason, she decided to not work on the sketchbooks at all and did not have them finished by the due date. Due to personal reasons, I was willing to wait and wrongfully didn't set a new deadline.
I wasn't active online from 2007-2009 for the most part, and only touched base with her a handful of times between 2007 and October 2009. When I messaged her in October, it was implied that she still hadn't worked on the sketchbooks and that she wasn't intending to ever do so. We agreed that she would send the five sketches she had and I would evaluate what they were worth out of the $600. She never sent them.
In March of 2010 I contacted her on facebook and she said that she would have work scanned soon. She scanned two sketches in May & said in June that she intended to do 10 total, but didn't scan any of them. The one image she did post is no longer online.

I paid to her father's paypal & I no longer have the same paypal address that I paid with so I don't know of anyway for me to try to get my money refunded that way.
I know I did a lot of stupid things in this commission process, but in my vague defense I was under 18 and she was already in her 20's when the initial transaction occurred.

Caps explain our interactions far better than my poor explanation: 
Our initial DA note interactions confirming the price, content, and payment of the two sketchbooks. (March 2005)
My email to her inquiring about the sketchbooks. (Oct 2009)
Our emails discussing that she didn't do the sketchbooks and wanted to do single images instead of complete them, her request for me to add her on facebook. (November 2009 - Feb 2010)
Our messages on Facebook where she says she would post more images within weeks (March - May 2010)
Her post to my wall saying she has 3 more sketches completed, but doesn't post them (June 2010)
My post to her wall inquiring about the art she mentioned in June. (November 2010)
My message to her that I want a refund (December 2010)

She actively uploaded lots of other artwork to both her Facebook and Deviantart long after she took on these commissions. She currently  posts on facebook constantly. I feel like I've been extremely understanding and have been taken advantage of. Am I being unfair for wanting a complete refund? How can I go about getting one?

What can I do in this situation?

Edit:// Found out she's also active on Furaffinity as GhettoImmortal and has taken and posted new commissions less than six months ago and is currently open for commissions.
Caps of her
recent commission requests and posted new commissions.

ohmygoat lost contact

ETA: I've been contacted, thank you!

Hey, I was just wondering if anyone had heard from ohmygoat, letsseesomhooves at all? The last we were in contact was about six weeks ago regarding a paper cut-out commission I ordered back on July 21. I sent her a PM through LJ and then e-mailed her just recently (December 2). I notice that she has a journal on her furraffinity account talking about commissions, but she's not said anything to me about them, nor has she gotten in contact with me. That was also a month ago. I have also noticed that she favourited a picture three days ago. I also added her Skype address (with permissions from her), but I've never seen her online.

Thank you!

PS. I don't have a furraffinity account so can't send her any PMs or the like.