December 9th, 2010

Dropping a commission and confused

In October of this year I had commissioned ImmortalMoonStudios (IMS) for a fursuit head of my character.
Recently, I have come into money problems and could not complete the rest of the payments, so I dropped the commission.
I would post her TOS, but she has deleted it, and is making a new one.
From the quote she gave me, this is what she said to me when we agreed to go forth with the commission.
the full ref sheet I sent
to show you guys what I was looking for from her.
a screen shot of my first note:
She says the down payment reserves my completion spot, and that the materials are bought immediately, and after that the DP is non-refundable.
a screen shot of my second note:

She also tells me she does 3 WIP pictures. I have not received one, so I'm guessing she did no work at all on my suit?
So, I'm assuming if she hasn't worked on it, she has bought the materials, and that's it, or hasn't bought the materials yet.
I then had to tell her that my family was having money troubles and couldn't finish payments, so I was dropping the commission
as stated in my third note:

She says she'll send the materials, so I'm assuming she bought them, so I would in turn, want $188 worth of materials.
A week after I ask her to send it, I get no note saying it has been sent, so I message her again, asking if she sent it. She says she doesn't have the money.

I ask her what she bought with my $188, so I can see what I have to work with in materials, and see if I can maybe sell some of them to get some money back, etc... Then she messaged me back saying just "your materials"
She then references peas and rice, whom I didn't fully know, I come on here once and a while, but never looked deeply. 
Today I found his different posts:
I wish I had seen this before I had commissioned her, but now I'm in the same boat as he is.
Seeing what she gave him for half of what I paid, makes me think, what exactly did she spend my down payment on?
I politely say I want to know what items so I know what I'm looking at, so I asked for a basic list. She says "fur, foam, mesh, glue" and the rest...I don't find this very basic...and if I gave her $188, 3 yards for 3 different colors should be at most 100 by itself..So she should have money left over to send me my things, but she's telling me to pay for my own shipping...
a screen shot of my last note from December 9th, 2010:

So my question is, do I pay to get my "$188 worth" of items, or what?
I'm seeing that she's been pulling this kind of behavior on more than just me.
And I really wish I knew about this stuff sooner. I just recently found all the posts about her and I feel stuck in a web :(
And the way I payed her was through money order check directly to her. I still have the stub to it.

EDIT: Note, she hasn't exactly scammed me yet, I am asking for advice on if I should send more money to pay for shipping costs if she isn't telling me what exactly she bought with my down payment or how much she is sending. I have sent her a new note asking for an exact list of materials she will be sending. IMS and I agreed she would send the materials, that is all I am looking for, not a refund, I want a justifiable amount of materials for the down payment I paid.

UPDATE: <--Screen cap of latest note. her response is highlighted.

She has said "I can't tell at this point, when I have everything measured and ok'd by you then I'll have the box weighed and sized and then let you know. How bout we do this, instead of me cutting up the fur and stuff and finding out its not what you want, tell me what you think is fair and we'll try to find a middle ground that we are both happy with?"

What I want from her:
  • 1/2 yard of each fur color (red, black, gray)
  • Balaclava
  • Foam to be used for head
  • Whatever fabric she was going to use besides the fur

I do not want the glue, needles, or thread, she can keep all of that.
All I'm looking for is a reasonable amount of supplies from the $188 down payment. I do not want a full refund, just supplies bought. That is what we agreed on, for her to send me supplies.
Is the list of items I'm asking for reasonable?
Black and White

Beware - Flyingfire

I commissioned Flyingfire ( around May 2009 for a badge of my character to wear at MFF that year. She hasn't actually finished the badge, and it's way past the deadline. Over the course of more than a year, I met her regularly at the local bi-weekly fur meets where she would tell me she forgot my badge or that she didn't realize I would be at the meet that particular day even though she could have sent a note to ask if I was going that time or just brought it with her in case I did. I let it go for a while, but then she stopped mentioning it altogether. That's when I decided to ask her about it in a note on FA. She says she forgot about it. Here's the screen cap I let her know that I didn't actually want the badge anymore and just wanted a refund. She told me she'd have that for me two weeks later, so I waited. Two weeks later, I ask her about it (here's a cap of that note:, and she said she didn't have cash but would gladly paypal my refund to me. I haven't seen a dime of that yet.
At this point I'm not expecting a refund or the promised work. This is strictly a beware for others to see and add to.

Update: I just received a refund.