November 8th, 2010


Need advice - Book covers

Hello, all! I am coming to you with an inquiry as to what I should do (I'd like to take this commission on) as well as what prices I should be charging. I don't want to sell myself short, but I also don't want to sell too high.

I got an email from an interested commissioner asking if I would do book covers for six novels that he's writing. I've never done this before, so I'm not quite sure what the legalities and whatnot would be included. He states that I would get full rights to the pictures as well as he'd give me credit, so I don't have any inclination to think it's a scam.

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Price List + FAQs

I'm also going to be sending him examples of my newer artwork (as all of the pictures he references above are from April) to see if he'd prefer a more realistic type style. Thanks in advance and please let me know if you need anymore information :)

Commissioned her for a badge... Two Years ago!

Has anyone ever had any problems getting art out of Also known as

At MFF 2008, my boyfriend bought a badge commission from her. She said she'd have it laminated and mailed out to us ASAP.

Here's the badge, which my boyfriend paid $25-$30 for.

I'm getting tired of asking her for it; I've been civil and understanding for a while, but enough is enough. I know she's fallen on hard times and doesn't have a car so she has no means of getting to post office (she also claims to have zero money to mail it with, but she takes new commissions all the time)

So... yeah. I'm just getting a little aggravated.

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In November of 2009, I commissioned Eclypse of FA ( for a Celtic pawprint badge. I paid her $15 cash in person and still have yet to see the badge. She completely ignored notes for a long time, finally told me she had had the inks completed for a long time and planned to send out some badges at the beginning of October, and hasn't contacted me since. My last FA note to her, on October 8th, is still unread.

I know she has quite a few other commissions and trades in her queue, so I'm somewhat surprised I haven't seen her name here yet. Then again, it's taken me this long...


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