November 7th, 2010


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I am posting this on behalf of Dipper. She does not have a LJ account, and she has had a negative experience with Starfinder.

In November of 09 Starfinder delivered one of her pay on delivery commissions to Dipper. Unfortunately, it was not what Dipper had ordered. She had ordered her character done as an anthro, and Starfinder delivered her character as a feral.

Dipper told Starfinder that is not what she wanted, and Starfinder said she would correct the mistake. At this point, Starfinder asked for payment for the first so that she can "pay for bills". Dipper paid her, but she admits that it was because she was afraid Starfinder was not going to do the corrections without it, or that Starfinder would bad mouth her in her gallery.

Dipper never heard from Starfinder again.

Below the cut are emails between Dipper and Starfinder. All images are SFW.
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After that Starfinder hasn't responded to her. Dipper is writing this off as a loss, but she does want others to know that Starfinder is still managing to not deliver her pay on delivery items correctly, either.

ETA: Dipper also wanted me to add that she paid around $35.