October 29th, 2010

  • grygon

fairycartel/fancymuse/jewelsofmandalay/diylocket again

Quick update:
a possible new alias? "Jen Collier" joined roughly 16 minutes AFTER that warning was posted to that site.

Update to this: http://community.livejournal.com/artists_beware/383481.html

I was alerted that fancymuse has moved to artfire:
so far no 4 sales. So far the other user names have not yet popped up there.

On an aside, etsy finally replied to my rants about this whole whole situation with ONE sentence: that they removed the negative feedback fairycartel left me. NO word on the other etsy seller who left vengeful feedback, no word on what they plan to do if anything on scammers, etc. etc. Just that one sentence of the negative feedback.

She has also opened an online store, not yet open for biz: http://thefancymuse.com/
And this MIGHT be the same girl on facebook? It's the first one to pop up for a google search, but there are 3 others if you do a facebook search:

Also found http://jewelsofmandalay.com/ but this site, aside from seeming scammy in and of itself, seems way too high-end for what FC was selling before.

There was another shop on artfire that has ONE locket just like what this scammer sells, but the rest of the shop checks out so far (10 out of 10 positive feedbacks, and other lockets that look very different- more like they were purchased from riogrande.com instead of wherever fairycartel purchases hers).

Anywhere else we should check on her? Thanks for helping me keep vigilant on this fraud.