October 18th, 2010

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Advice: Dealing with an evasive person? Resolved

UPDATE: So he's sent it, I got photographic proof and a shipping number, despite the harsh email I recieved back for posting this up. Obviously not taking this down as I haven't even mentioned his name etc etc blah. But yes, Shipping DID infact cost $195, the reason was that it was Delivery on signature of Adult, Guranteed shipping arrival of 27th October, and Canada Post will be the carrier the entire way though till it hits Aus, then its FEDEX (I see why it cost so damn much now.) As USPS/UPS and Australia Post could not match the delivery date until 2nd November. Thanks all!

I bought a full-suit of a black werewolf made by temperance and a freelance fursuit maker off ebay, but not from an actual fursuiter, but someone who had used the costume as a halloween costume and decided that he wanted to sell it. I wanted to get it before this years halloween. I bought it in September, having paid the full amount on the 25th September, a full month pretty much just so I knew it would get here in time from Canada to Australia. More behind the cut.
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Warning for fairycartel (aka jewelsofmandalay / fancymuse / DIYlocket / other?)

Quick update:
a possible new alias? "Jen Collier" joined roughly 16 minutes AFTER that warning was posted to that site.

ETA: this is also easily a warning thread about etsy's policies on dealing (or... NOT dealing) with scammers and fraudulent sellers on their site.

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Another warning, with details.

Back on August 1st I ordered these items from the etsy seller known as fairycartel (who we now know will hide under NUMEROUS names)... to see each listing, copy and paste the 8-digit # to the end of this address: http://www.etsy.com/listing/########

48611486, 52856410, 52818660, 52818564, 52818214, 52818161, 52717024, 52690122, 52564449, 51531938

On August 17th/18th I sent her a note concerned to how long they were taking to get here and got this reply:
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