September 21st, 2010

  • rosek

Repeat offender - RESOLVED


Hey everyone! Toonikun finally got in contact with me regarding the situation.
For the full details you can check out my dA journal update (To save a long winded repost).

To sum it up. Toonikun has sincerely apologized for the way he has conducted things and hopes to come to a resolution with everyone who has not received their commissions or items.

The best way to contact him is by email. He has told me that he rarely logs into lj or dA.
If you are one of his burnt buyers, this is his email:

I would also like to clear up the artbook.
Toonikun has assured me when he sold me the artbook that it was in stock.
He also understands how I came to the conclusion that I did regarding him selling a non-existent item.

Thank you everyone for your help. I'm really relieved that this matter can be resolved.
I can only hope now that Toonikun keeps his word and resolves things with his other burnt buyers.

But now, if he hasn't posted the book yet (and given me proof of shipment) I'll be waiting for him to send me a refund.

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